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Many people believe in what is called the intuition and their ability to sense events before they occur or predict the future from what they are seeing in the present However other people think that these thoughts are just a nonsense they assume that computer data technology science are more accurate and realistic In these days everyone talks technology relationships education choices and decisions became data driven and data underlies everything we do There is a fear that people will rely on technology and suppress human tuition Yet this fear is unreasonable because there will always be a need for human intuition Through the time we learned that what we have considered truly true at one point in our lives is completely different if not wrong at another time The more the technology advances the more people understand that science is not to be confused with the truth It does not present truths but it is a reflection of a temporary knowledge it will only be accurate for a time until new knowledge replaces it But human intuition is so clear beyond what we can perceive or prove there are things that we will never be able to demonstrate 

As previously mentioned many people that human intuition doesn't make sense but the reality is different In everyday life private or professional intuition can lead us to find the solution to a problem to invent to discover what no one else has found Still it remains non understandable and cannot be proven In Moroccan culture parents and grandparents strongly believe in the human intuition they use some events or little things that happens to predict the future There are many examples to choose from but the more common is when someone scratches his nose bridge they assume that someone will die soon and surprisingly after few days someone's death will definitely happen Also when they see someone with attached eyebrows it means that he has evil eye For scientist this may sound crazy but I lived in an environment where these thoughts were strongly believed on It is therefore time to remember that there is intuition in all cultures at all times there is another level of reality Still people cannot live relying only on intuition because sometimes science can prove the opposite In some situation when human intuition is used it may appear like categorizing and can give wrong results In the chapter Your Faulty Gut the author found it is assumed that majority of successful basketball players came from difficult childhood from single moms for me this is labelling 

Scientifically it is being proven that the better life better nutrition basketballer can have as kids the more successful they will be in the future I feel that intuition is a reality of another dimension that speak differently to human which no longer call intelligence but feeling and prejudgments For me when I'm making decisions I may use both human intuition and computer big data Sometimes I use my sense to predict solutions But to prove my prediction I use scientific information to make sure Intuition is a form of an immediate knowledge that does not use reasoning It suggests that we use thought without intelligence Some people call it signs decoding This may be related to the story of a psychologist John Gottman who works in the love lab for couples In this lab he brings couples he attaches electrodes to their bodies to predict if these couple will still be married fifteen years later from the couple s interaction using a coding system which he named the SPAFF or specific affect Can we trust this No I don t I can t believe that just watching couples for fifty minute can predict their behavior and their future Mentally talking if people know that they are being watch their comportment would not be the same as in the everyday life While the scientific method or computer big data is an active method that clarifies things with more explanation and control human intuition is a passive method reception of the same result that we learned unconsciously without proves or explanation Form the past God existence could not be proven using computer big data because there was no technology at the time Yet by means of intuition human began to believe in the power that control him and made the certain intuition of the God existence Human intuition and computer big data are two methods that cannot be without each other Likewise human intuition and computer are two approaches that make balance to complementary responses The human cannot live fully according to only one of these methods One makes him intelligent person who uses science in his life while the other makes of him a normal human being who follows instinct and intuition

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