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Many people helped the Americans win the Revolutionary War Some of these people were not even American one of them was Marquis De Lafayette a French aristocrat who joined the Revolutionary War on his own request The Marquis 1 Lafayette played a big part in getting France to agree to ally with the Americans was one of the most successful leaders in combat for the American Revolutionary War and one of George Washington's most trusted friends Marquis De Lafayette was born September 6 1757 in Chavaniac France into a family of noble military lineage Marquis De 1 His birth name was Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roche Gilbert du Motier The Marquis 1 Before Lafayette was two his father died in a battle When Lafayette was twelve his mother died Not long after his grandfather died Because of this he inherited a large fortune making him a very wealthy orphan at a young age When he was 14 he joined the Royal Army and when he was 16 he married Marie Adrienne Francoise de Noailles a relative of the King

This gained him even more social status 1 Lafayette heard many stories of the colonists struggle against the British and it inspired him to go to America to help out He sailed to America in 1777 and was welcomed by the leaders On July 31 Congress commissioned him a Major General in the Continental Army Lafayette was chosen to be a Major General because he was the highest rank of French nobility and because they saw that his motives were very patriotic for the American cause Later that summer Lafayette met George Washington They developed a close friendship Lafayette s first major battle with the American forces was the September 1777 Battle of Brandywine Even though Lafayette performed very well in this battle and showed great courage it was in this battle that Lafayette wounded his leg He stayed strong and helped organize the retreat Washington requested doctors to take special care of Lafayette With the doctors help he was ready to fight again in August Marquis De 1 When Washington helped Lafayette recover faster it deepened their friendship even more Because Lafayette did so well in the Battle of Brandywine Washington sent Congress a letter recommending him for a promotion Lafayette had great initiative in following orders and was responsible in battles Because of this he began climbing in rank and his superiors started to respect him more and more Soon Lafayette had been given a command in the American army Lafayette was very noble and was one of Washington's most loyal soldiers

Washington relied on him to do things correctly and to make good decisions The Marquis 1 Lafayette spent the winter of 1771 with Washington at Valley Forge He lived with his men through the cold winter and stayed committed to the American cause He also remained loyal to Washington which he proved when he helped him face down the Conway Cabal The Conway Cabal led by Thomas Conway was a group of people who wanted Washington to be replaced General Gates head of the northern army was also in this group He once wrote a letter that said The northern army has shown us what Americans are cable of doing with a General at their head The spirit of the southern army is no ways inferior to the spirit of the northern A Gates a Lee or a Conway would in a few weeks render them an irresistible body of men Biography 1 The men knew that they they needed to split Lafayette and Washington up if they wanted their plan to work To do this General Gates got himself appointed to the Board of War and suggested plans to invade Canada He also suggested that Lafayette command the expedition Congress agreed and gave General Gates the authority to work all the details out Once General Gates got all the details he wrote a letter and notified Lafayette When Lafayette learned of this he went to talk to Washington right away and told him he didn't want to accept the appointment After talking to Washington Lafayette reluctantly agreed to the appointment and went to prepare for battle When he got there he found debt dissatisfaction and deceit everywhere Biography 1

When Congress finally realized all the problems Lafayette was sent dispatchers to delay the expedition He returned to Valley Forge in April 1778 1 When Lafayette got back to Valley Forge he found that the conspiracy to displace Washington was virtually ended and with defeat for the conspirators Biography 1 Lafayette stayed at Valley Forge and learned more about military tactics and helped bring more French resources to the colonel side until 

Washington left Valley Forge Lafayette became even more respected when he escaped the British at Barren Hill now called Lafayette Hill Battle 1 Washington had dispatched Lafayette and his men to spy on the British in Philadelphia The British learned of the mission and sent around 8 000 men to surprise surround and capture Lafayette and his 2 200 men 1 When Lafayette learned the British s plan he assigned 500 of his men and 50 Oneida Indians all armed with cannons to face the British and stand their ground while the rest of Lafayette s forces fled west to safety 1 In conclusion Marquis De Lafayette was one of the most successful leaders in combat for the American Revolutionary War and one of George Washington's most trusted friend he played a big part in getting France to ally with the Americans Lafayette came to America with little fighting experience but learned and proved himself to be a great fighter He also proved himself to George Washington as a loyal friend and helped get the French to agree to ally with the Americans Marquis De Lafayette came to America as a young rich Frenchman and left as one of America's most successful leaders of combat

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