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Many people think life is hard But little do they know that they cause their life to be hard Life should be easy you live and you die everything else you do is to just pass the time You shouldnt be making the passing time hard You might think life is hard but everyone has bad days but you can make it better Why does it seem like life is so hard That's the question everyone seems to ask When was the last time you had a bad day Was it really that bad When a few bad things happen to you in a day that dont mean your whole day has to be bad Your really only making yourself have a bad day by thinking that everything is going wrong You get the thought in your head that you are having a bad day Lifehacker com says The statistics show that people who believe in bad luck will have more accidents on Friday the 13th Those who have a negative attitude are more likely to endow normal little mishaps with some mystical significance Some psychologists even suggest that it's a way of subconsciously avoiding responsibility for our actions This means that when little miss fourtions happen and it's Friday the 13th people seem to pick them out and think that it happened because of the day Don t think you have a bad day when you think this it makes the little things seem bad too People who have bad attitudes make themselves have bad days 

We blame the little things out of our controle for us having a bad day and you do things that you really don't have to do that make your life harder Swindall 5 9 10 and 11 People are hard to deal with don t take that out on you or anyone else But you never need to blame people for making you have a bad day like if they lie to you chances are you've lied too Remember don't blame everything on yourself everyone is emotional one bad day is not the end of the world 6 Reasons Why You Need to Take Time For Yourself 1 2 3 4 and 5 Now you may be wondering how to make your bad days better You can do many things to surround yourself with positivity Beliefnet com says You can put flowers on your desk or table to help you feel refreshed You can place positive quotes on your mirror fridge phone desk dashboard computer or anywhere else You can also read powerful scriptures before you begin and end your day To regain all your favorite memories you can frame your favorite photos and put them around your house and your workplace Positive music can help you calm down and relax you while a good book can let your mind explore and put you in a good mood To be financially successful you can surround yourself with financially successful people because your success can be determined by who you surround yourself with Beliefnet com 5 11 

Also it helps for you to distance yourself from negativity such as negative people environment and places Swindall 6 and 7 You need to surround yourself with positive people who will show you the best in yourself Beliefnet com 6 Rember to make time for your family and to be nice to other people to have a positive life Beliefnet com and Swindall 8 12 It is easy to live a positive life you just have to take the first steps Make time for yourself Making time for yourself is the best thing you can do for your own good Making time for yourself can help you relieve yourself from anxiety and depression Familyshare com 1 If you take time for yourself by working out jogging walking this can help improve your physical health Familyshare com 2 Always take regular breaks from your job so you can refresh your mind and remember to be positive Familyshare com 6 Making time for yourself can help clear and refresh your mind You can take time to reflect on your life to increases your happiness Familyshare com 5 Remember you can t be good to anyone unless you re good to yourself first Being a control freak won t help you or anyone else what happens happens it's your job to know what to do after the situation happens Which is why you need to take time for yourself because you become more creative when you have time to yourself so you will be more creative in this situation Many people think life is hard Your life can be much easier You just have to realize that your life ain't as bad in the first place as what you think You can do many things to make your life happier Yes Life is hard everyone's life is hard But you can make it much easier

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