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Marathons Races Are Not a Victory Nike is what the Athenian messenger Pheidippides exclaimed after running 25 miles He was sent from the battlefield of Athens to deliver the news of Greek Victory Karnazes He chanted Nike meaning Victory Was it really a victory though After he finished his voyage he collapsed from exhaustion and died Even marathon races today can be bad for your health They can overload your heart and cause leg problems Runners also have to endure challenging weather conditions Excessive running can overload your heart Repeated extreme exercise or long distance racing can cause a buildup of scar tissue on the heart which can lead to the development of patchy myocardial fibrosis in up to 12 of marathon runners O Mara Robert S Schwartz and many other contributors conducted a study with men who completed at least one marathon yearly for 25 years All the subjects were analyzed using validated plaque characterization software

The overall conclusion found was that long term male marathon runners may have paradoxically increased coronary artery plaque Schwartz et al Plaque buildup results in narrowing of coronary arteries which decreases blood flow to your heart Eventually the decreased blood flow may cause chest pain angina shortness of breath or other coronary artery disease signs and symptoms A complete blockage can cause a heart attack Coronary Artery Disease Excessive running is often thought to benefit your heart but may undoubtedly cause major complications Other than the heart runners legs are very important If marathoners aren't careful though they can undergo serious injuries The 5 most common running injuries are plantar fasciitis Achilles tendonitis IT band syndrome runner's knee and shin splints Fraioli Plantar fasciitis is said to feel like stepping one s heel first onto a nail Runners who suffer from Achilles tendinitis will often complain of swelling and pain close to the heel which is oftentimes sharp and can be incapacitating Iliotibial IT band syndrome has been compared to the feeling of someone stabbing the side of an individual's knee while running Runner's knee is associated with pain below the kneecap Finally runners often experience searing pain along the tibia with shin splints In an interview with a friend named Montana who participated in track she explained that she had horrible leg and knee pain from running It running definitely didn't help Trying to push to beat your last time running up and down bleachers Hours upon hours of conditioning It wasn't easy on the legs Buckner When asked how much running she ran she answered roughly 3 4 miles per practice 

The basic causes of the 5 common injuries are overuse of and stress on each region as runners like Montana usually undertake Other than overload of the heart and lower limb injuries marathon runners also have to endure challenging weather conditions Temperatures can get extremely high during marathon races even up to the 90 s which is already hot enough without exerting a great deal of energy Elevated temperatures may contribute to heat stroke dehydration or even over hydrating and exhaustion Shallow Even low temperatures have drastic effects Most marathoners have heard the cautions about running in cold conditions Cold muscles are more easily pulled frostbite is insidious beware of the wind chill Lovett A decrease in temperature has many effects Richard A Lovett explains One is that blood vessels contract as the body attempts to protect its core by reducing heat loss through the skin That's A good thing if you're stranded in the wilderness but in a race it deprives the muscles of oxygen Runners must be prepared for any weather conditions and take precautions Many assume that running supports weight loss Runners burn off all those consumed calories and burn fat right Not everyone is guaranteed to lose weight though This is only true if the number of calories in and out are balanced but this usually isn t the case After a long run someone may gorge a large meal The runner may have an I deserve this mindset Because of this the calorie input is greater than the output Many runners can actually out eat their marathoning expenditure and in doing so gain weight along the way Hadfield 

The type of food eaten plays a huge role in this also In an interview with my grandfather I found that weight loss after running is indeed not always the case He ran a mile every day 5 days a week for 6 months straight When asked How much weight did you lose Do you feel you succeeded he responded No I couldn't manage to lose any weight at all Hyrne His dedication and lack of results showed that not everyone is guaranteed to lose weight after running Countless people assume that running and performing in marathon races is beneficial to one's health This is not the case as running can overload your heart cause lower limb injuries and cause serious problems because of the threatening weather conditions Numerous people believe running helps with weight loss but this is not guaranteed Pheidippides chanted Nike Victory but was he really victorious His death from exhaustion says otherwise Because of the health risks stated marathon runners are not as victorious as they may think

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