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Market demand is known as the total of the demand individually for a certain product from the buyers that is in the market If more buyers start entering the market and they are able to pay for items that are on sale then the market demand for each price level will surely start to rise When I used to work at a supermarket the brown loaf of bread was usually for 2 99 and it would sell okay meaning some people would buy it It would sell really well on the sale price of 1 29 where it would get sold out It made me realize more people buy it when its on sale and the demand for that specific bread would rise when it was on sale Circular flow is also known as circular flow of income which refers to a neoclassical economic model portraying how much money flows or moves through the economy The economy is modeled as only including the firms and households Consumer spending is also known as voluntary private consumption or even an exchange of money into services and goods Consumer spending s includes durable goods as well as services all of the private purchases and nondurables There are many things we need in our everyday life which we buy such as food shampoo soap electricity as well as services such as going to the doctor taking the bus We spend a lot of money each year on items we need and use as consumers which come under consumer spending

Corporation is known as a legal entity which is separate and different from its owners Corporations get to enjoy almost all most of the responsibilities as well as rights which an individual has Some include the right to enter into contracts borrow money be sued or sue someone take out a loan or borrow money be able to own assets and pay taxes while also hiring employees There are many corporations in the world today which are doing very well including Coca Cola Company Adidas McDonald s as well as Nike which are known world wide and make a lot of business McDonald s is one very well known corporation which is known for hiring many employees as well as even has been sued a couple times as well which has been featured in the media Exchange rate is known as the price of a nation s currency in terms with another currency Such as the exchange rate between Canada and The U S A exchange rate is known to have two components known as the foreign currency as well as domestic currency which can be quoted indirectly or even directly Recently the exchange rate has been so bad from Canadian dollar to The United States dollar It s making it so hard to buy something cheap from the states like milk because it ends up becoming around the same price and you are not saving anything It s also causing such a bad impact on the economy with the moving exchange rate 

Fiscal policy is known as the utilization of government spending as well as tax policies to influence the macroeconomic conditions which including aggregate demand as well inflation and economic growth not forgetting employment It also can be described as when the government works out the taxes as well as spending level to look at and impact the economy of the nations If the government wanted more people to buy certain items such as produce the government can lower the taxes on those items so that more people will buy them This increases the spending but lowers the taxes Monetary policy makes up the actions of a currency board also a central bank as well as even regulatory committee which determines the size and even the rate of the growth of supply of money which affects said interest rates For example if the central bank wishes to lower interest rates executing expansionary monetary policy it purchases government debt thereby increasing the amount of cash in circulation or crediting banks reserve accounts Tariff is known as a tax which is forcefully put on imported services as well as goods The amount of tariff they put on my online purchases is crazy I once bought a pair of eyelashes online for 29 99 and a pack of brushes for 49 99 but with taxes the total for both of them came to 109 99 which was ridiculous because I had to pay 30 01 just for taxes

Resources is known as an economic or even productive factor which is needed to finish an activity or to undertake an enterprise to reach the outcome which is desired There are three basic resources which are known as land labor and last but not least capital while there are other resources as well which can include management expertise entrepreneurship time and more Resources are a big part of economics The basic three resources land labour and capital are very important because they help to make things They act as inputs to make other things and provide services Some examples of resources can include such as coal water and even oil Quota is known as the government imposed trade restriction which sets the limit for the number or even the monetary value of the goods which can be exported and or imported during a specific period of time They are also utilized in the trade internationally which aids in regulating the volume of trade between country to country In many countries they put a production quota on certain goods such as wood or maple syrup in order to keep as well as maintain the prices within the known world market This way it keeps everything maintained and balanced

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