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Marketing products like food and beverages to people has been done for the past few years in many different ways and now companies have been marketing their products to people specifically the youth through sports Unhealthy products are mostly advertised here in this field by sports organizations and athletes The research tackles three major ways companies like these engage in marketing these are athlete endorsements sports sponsorships and video game product placement Companies use sports related marketing to advertise their products to increase the sale of their products because people will be more encouraged to buy the product the people they admired use or consume Despite the promises made by these companies to decrease the exposure of unhealthy products to the youth they still promote their unhealthy products to them The researchers insist that athletes as well as sponsorships in sports organizations like the Olympics should stop promoting foods which are unhealthy poor in nutrient products and energy dense products so that it will not affect the health of the youth

The strength of the research is that it has a good review of related literature because the researchers stated the positive and negative sides of marketing unhealthy products and have many statistical data to support their claims The positive side of marketing unhealthy products is that companies will earn more while the negative side of this is that the people who will consume it may have health issues The researchers have given the readers an overview of how do companies sell unhealthy products through sports organizations such as the Olympics endorsements of athletes such as the Sprite of LeBron James and advertisements in video games like M M characters in the Nintendo Wii game where the M M characters are playing tennis The researchers stated that if these unhealthy products were eaten excessively then it could lead to health issues Here the researchers are telling the people not to eat too many unhealthy products and sport related marketing should not be done in order to sell their unhealthy products because it can be used to sell healthier products The researchers also stated that there have been some policies in other countries which restrict companies to promote their products to the youth but they stated that some still do not follow the policies and not only that but companies who promote their products to the youth has even increased contradicting to the policies that have been made

Another strength the research has is that the researchers stated the way advertising influences the people where exposure of a product can lead to a specific craving where people will consume more products in a short term basis The research has also given some examples of sponsorships in sports organizations and stated that because of this sponsorship obesity have increased in some countries The researchers have given a statistical data in how many percent did obesity increased because of the sponsorships in sports organizations to inform the people that people should excessively consume these kinds of products They have also given some tables where the readers can see what kind of brands do some sports organizations have as well as the brands of the endorsements of the athletes and in video games The weakness of the research is that they only focused on the negative side of these unhealthy products when consumed The researchers did not have a statement what are the positive sides of these unhealthy products when consumed Though people know that consuming these products is not that healthy the researchers should still state what are positive sides because all products have a positive side when you look closely at it even if it is only just a little Sports organizations athletes video games and other kinds of endorsements should stop promoting unhealthy foods because it will just damage the health of those who consume it Companies should promote healthier foods because they still can have the sale increase in promoting healthier foods like the company Kellogg s where they sell healthy foods like cereals

Kellogg's have seen a sale increase even though they spent fewer amounts of money on advertising Though we know that large companies are mostly the ones who sell unhealthy products they should still promote healthier foods because they will still have an increase in the sale like Kellogg s It will also help the people who consume it to be healthy and it will also avoid serious issues mainly regarding the health of the people So companies and other kinds of endorsements should stop promoting the unhealthier foods but promote the healthier foods in order to help the people But it should not only be the companies who should change but also us the consumers of their products because it will also be for our own benefit If we would be eating healthier products we will be much healthier than before and we will have fewer health problems which is a good thing because health is very important to us The government should also implement a strong law regarding the decrease of selling unhealthy foods to the people To sum it all up the change should first come to us because we are the reason why companies sell these kinds of products

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