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Marketing strategy is a systematic game plan through which company can introduce their products in the market The strategies of Ferrero group contains value proposition key marketing messages information about target customers and other aspects It informs the marketing plan which is a document that lays various types and timing of market activities In short it is an action plan that is designed to promote and sell products and services into various destinations This project explains about various strategies those are used by Ferrero group in order to increase their productivity as well as growth Andres Coca Stefaniak Parker and Rees 2010 It consists of marketing audit of current market strategies and position regarding their products that are available in the market Evaluation of brand competitive edge with other competitors are analysed effectively Determination target segment objectives and benefits of new products are examine under this Overall analysis is presented by providing recommendations that can help in attaining the future profit and sustainability for company 

PART 1 Environmental analysis Market is a place where there is gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provision and other products The demand of customers varies according to their tastes and preferences In order to cope up with their particular needs company makes well organised strategies according to the demand of customers A marketing strategy grows out of Ferrero group s value proposition It can help them to gain competitive advantages over competitors that are selling the same kind of products The demand of chocolates is seen in almost every age group such as children and young people The market share of chocolates is high as compared to other confectionery items According to its durability confectionery market can be divided into various categories such as chocolates sugar gum cereal bars and other items Major part of raw material is used in the formulation of chocolates i e cocoa and sugar Bosomworth 2015 It has been seen in the UK that manufacturers use better components as it is an easier way to rising nation will have an effect on growth of confectionery market Marketing research report on chocolate confectionery sector consists of market audit industry analysis and total size of data But in order to introduce new product into the same segment Ferrero needs to conduct effective environmental analysis so that they can go with current requirements of customer s tastes which are demanded by them In order to analyse the current situation well organised environmental analysis is required to be done It is a process to determine all external and internal components that are affecting the business Analysis entails assessing various opportunities and threats that are presented with the business As market changes continuously every times and at the same time taste and need of customers are also varies Shankar Carpenter and Farley 2012 

These factors can help in controlling all those effects which are affecting the business growth PESTLE analysis of Ferrero group As it has been identified that Ferrero is one of the world s well recognised confectionery brands which is consists of production distribution and marketing of chocolates related commodities It has been notified that Ferrero is having more than 38 operating companies at international level which are connected directly or indirectly with 14 factories at the global level It can be recommended that company is generating global entity with turnover in access of 9 142 9 million There are about 21600 people that are currently working in this company In order to evaluate environment analysis of Ferrero follows aspects are explain underneath Socio cultural It has been observed that change is an effective indicator that helps in increasing the market share of chocolates Mohaghar and et al 2012 As its is core business of ferrero group is related in chocolate business It has been predicted that more than 54 is the target of company to provide products to its customers It has been seen that any improvement that are taking place at external department of Ferrero that could impact on the new strategies Like for example if the birth rate fall expectancy will be enhance

Because of this huge demand on confectionery items will increase for middle level customers While if the birth rate will increase it assume that demand of chocolates can maximum in young people In some situation fashion can be the other aspects that can change people taste and there mind set Technological As technology is making huge impacts on every possible segment of the business Such as operations supply chain management and distribution that are aimed at incurring cost efficiency for the company With the help of internet innovation and creativity in large variety of chocolates can be gained In the current market trend manufacturing is more high It is all because of high technology machines and equipment It will also help factories to change high quality of production Internet is a perfect place to sell various products such as confectionery items Environmental There are various issues which are affecting the environment of an economy Such as global warming and recycling have become huge impacts on business at national level The waste control management of company should be properly followed so that chances of damage can be minimised Borland and Lindgreen 2013 In order to provide safe and healthy products to customers effective rules and regulations are needed to be implemented

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