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About 40 000 people were killed during the massacres happening in the French Revolution These all happened as a result of the elimination of old government in Europe which helped protect the people Absolute monarchs are rulers with complete control over their country and has no restrictions Many European thinkers challenged the existence of such governments in a period known as the Enlightenment French citizens created a revolution against political social and economical disagreement known as the French Revolution Europe changes though despotism and the pursuit of democracy France had an absolute monarchy that has involved the Enlightenment to challenge the government's This movement started the French revolution which affected the nation of France A few European nations had an absolute monarchy government Some of these nations could include the country of France which had their ups and downs following an absolute monarchy Louis XIV was one of France's absolute monarchs His power strengthened by doing countless things that you can do in absolutism Louis XIV spent his hours attending government affairs expanded bureaucracy and appointed royal officials He also built the French army into the strongest The state paid fed trained and supplied up to 300 000 soldiers Louis then used this strong army to enforce his policies in France and abroad Louis also has a great finance master Jean Baptiste Colbert that boosted France's economy Louis XIV s absolute power did not last until his death as his power declined due to his decisions He pushed the war to be so powerful that it caused wars to be too expensive and had problems maintaining the balance of power Also Louis revoked the Edict of Nantes which caused more than 100 000 Huguenots to flee France 

This took a huge toll on the French economy and really weakened Louis s reign Having an absolute power monarchy in France had it s ups and downs that affected many different parts of the French State By the early 1700 s many European philosophers and thinkers spread ideas believing in the possibility of social political and economical change This movement is the Enlightenment period of Europe There were many different thinkers Two of the most famous ones were known as Thomas Hobbes and John Locke Thomas Hobbes was a thinker who thought an absolute monarchy was the best Hobbes believed this because it can ensure an orderly strict society He then came up with the Social Contract an agreement by which the people give up their freedom for a more organized society On the other hand John Locke believed in Natural Rights Locke thought that an absolute monarchy took away any rights that a person was born with such as the right of life liberty and property Other philosophers had great ideas that spread throughout Europe The Encyclopedia by Diderot Mary Wollstonecraft who fought for women's rights Adam Smith who believed in the free market Voltaire with freedom of speech and Rousseau who thought to fight for general will all spread their knowledge of challenging government They did this in many ways like books and speeches In the Enlightenment many European thinkers created new ideas to help with certain situations that help absolutism and social problems 

The American Revolution was a period in French history dedicated to political and social upheaval Although it was most popularly against absolute power it was merely focused on citizen rights and the hatred of tradition to use the power of the state to create new orders Some other causes of the revolution were corruption and inconsistent leadership the prosperous member of the Third Estate resented privileges of First and Second Estates and the spread of Enlightenment ideas The French Revolution changed society in many ways The government was the most changed such as more and more people had better jobs and there was less homeless poor people It also gave the middle class the poor and women a chance to move out of their class of which they were born in In addition after Napoleon Bonaparte came to power the country for the most part went back to the way it was before the French Revolution This caused the state to have many more revolutions before things finally became permanent France changed drastically from the beginning to the end of the French Revolution France had changed through the despotism to the pursuit of democracy throughout the 18th century The Enlightenment and French Revolution were significant in this change Many uprisings brought change as well as people growing more and more knowledgeable of their national problems that s needed to be solved The French Revolution was really the first time change was done to these political and societal problems It took many years of hardship to finally solve the nation's disagreements This had a great impact of the French history throughout the revolutionary period of Europe and it s citizens

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