PROFESSIONAL STATEMENT MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Always the one with the inquisitive mind the eye for precision and the predisposition to solve problems I applied for and gained admission into the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Kumasi Ghana s premier university of science and technology to pursue the Bachelor of Science course in Civil Engineering After four grueling years of laboratory work design projects and coursework in elementary structures basic mechanics soil and rock mechanics highway and transportation engineering and structural analysis among others I passed out with my interests piqued towards the structural engineering field However it is my long standing desire to be part of the design process whilst having the ability to actually make the designs work that fueled my search and decision to pursue the Master of Science course in Architectural Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology In second year as an undergraduate my professor for Reinforced Concrete Design Professor Charles K Kankam as he lectured spoke with such depth of knowledge and appreciation for structures stirring up in me an interest to focus more on structural engineering On this basis I took advantage of two opportunities during my second and third year long vacations to intern with a Civil Engineering and Construction Company Trasacco Estates Development Company TEDC each spanning nine weeks 

The first took place during the company's construction of the 25 storey Villagio Alto building a residential complex and the second during the construction of serviced plots and homes in Trasacco Springs and Trasacco Valley respectively Electives in final year including structural dynamics development engineering and systems engineering complemented earlier taken courses in theory of structures structural analysis principles of design civil engineering drawing and the strength and properties of materials to further prepare myself to practice in the structural engineering field In the past year I worked with the Works Department of the Shai Osudoku District Assembly serving under the mandatory National Service Scheme for graduates in my country These opportunities worthwhile in their individual respects however gave foundation to acknowledge the now greater desire to delve more into the design process Undertaking thorough research mindful of my existing qualifications I discovered the architectural engineering profession a more appropriate fit for my passions Arising out of the gap created by the distinct and yet complementary roles of the architect and the engineer taking cognizance of the growing need to create a more sustainable environment is the architectural or building engineering profession Through the application of the latest scientific knowledge and technology a unique opportunity has been created to design and model buildings to meet aesthetic structural functional and sustainability requirements all at the same time On this path by contributing to meeting the growing need for experts with the skills to adequately engineer more elaborately and intricately designed structures with the least effects possible on the environment I have the chance to remain detail oriented analytical and relevant and still be creative Researching various curricula funding opportunities and general study culture I arrived at my decision to pursue my chosen course at the Illinois Institute of Technology Though it may seem like a small detail the flexibility in allowing some elective courses pertaining to an individual's interest to be taken from the College of Architecture or Engineering graphics or other departments in the Armour College of Engineering upon approval from the student's advisor and the department is a laudable one 

This structure gives the possibility to not just produce excellent engineers but engineering professionals outstanding in their individual interests As a forward thinking university it is commendable its efforts to produce engineers who are not just skilled in their trade and excelling in leadership and in entrepreneurship but who also have the capacity to be innovative in ways that will shape the future Research regarding improving learning techniques of Construction Engineering Management students through aerial visualization as well as research into virtual design construction and technologies for sustainable construction all attest to the priority the institution places on thinking forward Gathering data using unmanned aerial systems to bring on site footage of construction projects is an excellent way to stimulate the mind of students and it is an area worth exploring further Anything worth doing is worth doing well and nothing worthwhile was ever just handed over but rather came through commitment hard work and a sterling determination to succeed Admittedly I have faced some challenges and made some mistakes in the past but it is to my advantage as more often than not hindsight has proven to be worth more than gold Unequivocally applying the above stated principles the Master of Science course in Architectural Engineering preferably on the structures track at Illinois Institute of Technology will afford me the platform to manage effectively the transition of design to engineering with excellence

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