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Organization background McDonald's is one of the most well known and largest fast food service in the global corporations in the world today McDonald's is stated operating fast food restaurants in over 119 countries and service food retailer with over 36 000 locations The McDonald's restaurants operating is more than 80 franchised are owned and operated independent local business McDonalds s company estimates that its serves around 69 million every day in the world McDonalds com Ray Kroc is a founder of McDonald's in 1958 at San Bernardino California In the year 1954 Ray Kroc is a sales man of several Multimixers that time he visited a restaurant run by two brothers there are Dick and Mac McDonald The McDonald's Corporation is a small restaurant but successful They produced and concentrating a few items in limited menu and provide and focus the service of quality and quick Kroc saw and think this is an opportunity of the restaurant He bought the exclusive rights to the McDonald's name in the 1955

Therefore McDonald's had sold its 100 millionth hamburger He wanted to build the consistency system to provide high quality food and preparation method is uniform Kroc 1991 In addition McDonalds has a successful system is drive thru service by Richard and Maurice Mc Donald In 1975 the first McDonald's drive thru opened in Sierra Vista Arizona Drive thru system is introduces used automobile industry to the fast assembly line Craven 2016 1 2 Significant of study Last several years McDonalds having a poor performed and financial performances below the expected in the world Now McDonalds s performance is back on track and moving fast in the fast food industry However McDonalds as the largest fast food restaurant chain McDonald s must keep adapting its strategies based on the conditions of its industry environment Therefore menu need to be updated to meet customer preference 2 0 Marco Environment Analysis PESTLE analysis is an effective tools used to identify the external environment forces that might affect a company The PESTLE helps to provide a list of potentially important issues influencing strategy and influenced by several factors PESTLE has a six type of factors will influence the company operation there are political economic social technological ecological and legal 2 1 Political Political factors include the government policies taxation changers law and regulation political risk in foreign market of the country affect the operation company of that country McDonalds is affected by the political for establish the new outlet of another country The government law and policies relating to tax of the country laws of worker and improve the health and safety of the food influenced of the fast food industry Some country government have been control of the fast food industry because fast food is an unhealthy and high cholesterol seen as junk food 2 2 Economic The economic factor is a role of macro economic factors that include business cycles unemployment rates and different interest rate and exchange rate of those country because differential growth rates around the world

The economic is most important of company operation global environment McDonalds only will affected of exchange rate and inflation of changes in the global presence The economic factor also considering the raw material s supply and demand and import the raw material affected by tax rates within the organisation On the other hand economic factor of the organisation influenced by wages rate inflation and cost of living 2 3 Social In the social factors McDonald's food is affected by the customer tastes and menu is local preference McDonalds is creating menu depend of different country has different local taste to meet customer satisfy That is help socially and economically to move fast in country McDonalds is provide fast and easy service for their customer and help to maintain the quality of busy lifestyles In addition customer also consider low calories of McDonald's menu because health is important factor to consider the low fat food Now of the day McDonalds need to provide healthier choice for all customer because the world society's most focus of the low calorie diet On the other hand McDonalds has develop McCafe to growth of the coffee industry and alternative to Starbucks 2 4 Technological In the technology factor McDonalds remain to using highly devolvement and updated with the latest technology in world McDonalds had establishing the technologic of production technique system to maintain and control production quality and service McDonalds had used last technology systemic production and provide some quality of food for each country Another issues when McDonalds want to changing technology There need improve their ordering process in business and to help Company to reduce waste and re ordering from customer McDonalds has a greater and largest connections with their customer such as provide different channel to ordering foods of McDonalds McDonalds provide to customer using McDonald's website some delivery Food Company through internet to ordering and in store self service order from machine and make payment by bank card This technology is provider customer high convenience and meet the customer expectation

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