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Medicine is the inseparable part of our everyday life It helps us to fully enjoy life Please write an essay of no more than 5 300 characters with spaces on the following prompt How have your experiences contributed to your decision to pursue a career in healthcare I started my college degree in analytical economics in Belarus about 10 years ago At the same time I was working as an accountant assistant I was needed to pause my education due to move to the United States I decided to try myself in more human related professions legal assistant and tax preparer Even that I was good with numbers and documents it was not what I feel I belong too My journey to healthcare career started with the meeting of Dr Dmitriy Pales DO and shadowing at his office He also had students who did rotations I was lucky not only observe typical day of a doctor his interaction with patients and stuff in the office but also to be a witness of his discussions with students about possible diagnoses and treatment I was amazed how Dr Pales was able to extract really important facts from a huge amount of irrelevant information that people told him Huge impact into my career decision made my husband Dr Slava Steve Belits DC DPT Helping him at his office and observing his everyday aid to people enhanced my decision that I want and the most important that I can also help people with their health Chiropractic showed me a new view on healthcare and treatment of different illnesses

I realized that a lot of illnesses could be treated or prevented without medication It is hard to see people suffering from pain and to realize that I don't know what to do Volunteering makes me feel good but Sometimes I feel myself stuck in my comfort zone and it does not feel right Practicing medicine and meeting all variety of people with their unique sufferings challenge you and make you leave your comfort zone in order to be good at what you are doing I don t know if I can find any other career that can offer such a variety Working with Mark Baravik NP and seeing patients who needed help made me feel bad and frustrated because I had no clue what I can do I saw patients eyes how they look at the doctor in a hope that he will help them and how their eyes start to shine when the treatment works and they do not suffer from pain anymore It is an amazing feeling At the same time I saw cases when doctor is doing everything at his power but getting only complaints and dissatisfaction from patients It is unpleasant but it is an inseparable part of this job

Please explain your career goals and how you anticipate RVU s MSBS program will help you achieve your goals 1600 characters My career goal is to be a great family doctor who can help people of any age I want to concentrate on the preventive medicine I want to help people not only by taking care of their diseases but also by teaching them how to avoid diseases MSBS program at Rocky Vista University looks like a good learning experience as well as the opportunity to stand up and show that you are ready for DO school Despite of all my achievements in education I was not able to get a good enough grade on MCAT I think MSBS program can help me to enhance my knowledge as well as to improve scientific approach and critical thinking to the problems MSBS program must help me to become more professional and prepared for the osteopathic medicine I believe that anyone can get the best knowledge and adopt passion only from dedicated teachers who loves their field and wants to share their knowledge I know that professors at RVU teach because they want to teach and not because they need money for the research If I have an option to choose from whom I get knowledge I will choose passionated teachers A lot in medicine is about care care about others Despite my education and career goals I am a wife and a mom of three adorable boys I cannot be selfish and prioritize my wishes to everything RVU looks like a family friendly university where I will be able to not only achieving my dream but also to care about my family Please explain why you will be a good fit for our university and for the MSBS program 1600 characters I was born and grew up in

Belarus Country that is smaller than Colorado and barely anybody from the United States can find it on the map Thanks to that I am fluent in Russian and Belarusian languages I know how hard life can be Life there taught me to overcome hard situations to fight for my dream don t stop with difficulties but overcome them Moving to the United States and almost starting over all my education and life also was not an easy step Despite everything I was able to graduate with honors I believe in preventive medicine that our body is an interdependent system and we need to help it to work properly I think that our body in right conditions has all resources to heal itself what no one medication or surgery can do If we want to have a healthy nation we need to take more attention to our body and its needs I have a good experience in communicating with people of different ages Meeting people of different social financial and educational background during my work experience help me Having three kids and volunteering at their school on a weekly basis taught me be patient good listener

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