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Here are various ways in which mental healthiness plays a significant part role in our daily life that can exemplify in one's life how we physically emotionally and mentally deal with the assets of life Mental healthiness is a person's condition which regard to their psychological and emotional well being To build a mindset where the person has resilience but to maintain the strength is crucial in aspects of mental healthiness In drastic measures many people think that it is not possible and they feel like they are helpless because of the mindset that is telling the individual accomplish a task because it could be too difficult However every day we must learn to cope with the struggles and maintain a mental and physical resilience In various ways mental health plays a huge part in our daily life Some people may choose to cry or be angry and not do something about it and others may push themselves and find ways to adapt to change habits end old behaviors and create new routines for themselves and the people who choose to push themselves have a significant chance on to a better recovery 

To rewire and focus on ways to make yourself feel better mentally physically and emotionally is one of many ways on the journey to a healthy mindset To do something now is a great mindset to keep yourself on track and guide you on your way to your goal Even though you may have setbacks the only way to maintain resilience is to keep moving forward and doing something constructive even when your not having a great day If you choose to not push yourself there will be no progress made The body will benefit the most because the mindset has been changed to a habit and now the emotional and physical and improve as well because the feeling of accomplishment is one of the best rewards Forgiveness is a liberating act of self love Mental health can affect the way the individual feels about themselves and factors can include self esteem feeling loved confidence and many other ways Self esteem can affect the value we place on ourselves and sense of worth To have a better understanding you must first find yourself Dweck 93 Someone with a positive self esteem mainly have a positive outlook and are satisfied with who they are The feeling of being loved can come in many ways because when feeling loved trusted and accepted by their parents and others people are far more likely to have a good self esteem They are also more likely to feel comfortable safe and secure and are better able to communicate and develop positive relationships with others 

Confidence is another factor in one's life that can affect build or shape mental healthiness because the youth should be encouraged to discover their own unique qualities and have the confidence to face challenges and take risks Young people who are brought up to have confidence in themselves are more likely to have a positive attitude and to lead happy and productive lives The relation between mental health and physical health are different but have additive effects on the well being because if a person with depression and anxiety that has physical health problems can be at risk which can add to the well being Poor physical health can lead to increasing in depression for people with a chronic psychological disease can feel more at stress than those without Researchers have found that people with a physical illness are 3 times as likely to develop depression than someone without a physical illness Mental health is more a process than an illness Dweck 10 Mental health can be caused by a combination of genetic biological psychological and environmental factors 

What it means to be mentally healthy is to have self acceptance in yourself and not compare yourself to others and high standards from society because you can never be mentally perfect and you just have to accept who you are because there are degrees of imbalance where we may feel as if that one day is a difficult day and we can not shake off the feeling or if we do too much of something that can affect the way we live One of many of the utmost importance is having compassionate self awareness and acceptance because we all know people who struggle with change themselves through drastic lengths to get to be an ideal look We have to learn to live with who we are and that is what shapes us and makes us different than everyone else and makes us stand out When we accept who we are and realize that what makes us who we are and not recognizing it as a flaw or weakness then we can go about making changes that make us more of who we already are inside underneath all of the psychological defenses that drive us to escape the pain around us This will also make it easier to accept others for who they really are and not for who we want them to be

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