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Memo Taiba USA To Suzanne Itani Founder and President of the Board From Angela Ali Haimoud CC Joe Bradford Vice President of the Board Date December 28 2017 Re Mentoring and Improvements Mentorship is something that tends to be especially common among individuals who are continuing their education However it appears to be overlooked among our professional community It seems imperative to have mentors at all stages of life in order to gain the full benefits of other s experiences In fact as a woman it is even more important to have a source of empowerment in an ever changing society I would like to discuss the benefits and effects of mentorship among women of all ages and how we can work to improving our organization Mission Statement At Taiba our primary mission is to empower women and vulnerable members in the Muslim community by creating a safe space for mentorship social gathering and skills building We attempt to support each other personally professionally and spiritually and build skills and friendships In order to maintain this mission of ours we have to look at what we are currently doing and what we can improve First we should address our benefits and goals then look at the culture of our Masjids community centers and homes About Us Benefits of becoming a mentor Leadership Training Personal Coaching Networking Events Field Trips Discounts Volunteer Hours Here is How According to the Journal of Education and Practice Research shows that individuals who are mentored have an increased likelihood of career success as a result of the targeted developmental support they receive Balu Having increased opportunities as women is important for many aspects of self efficiency
While Taiba offers a diverse set of engagement opportunities for women in the community it is unclear as to whether the approach we are taking is effective and beneficial on a grand scale If we want to empower women we have to look at the issues faced by women in our community and the purpose of mentorship itself Purpose of Mentoring in Organizations To empower new employees To continue organizational growth and renewal To promote organizational satisfaction through what has been described in recent literature as a dialectical relationship with peers and senior employees of the organization that can foster a sense of community To attract retain and facilitate promotion in the organization To introduce new employees to manage organizational cultures and definitions of work responsibilities To provide opportunities for interaction between junior and senior employees to facilitate mutual respect and avoid counterproductive divisions between senior and young managers To meet entry level survival needs of new employees by providing information about organization social political culture Finally to assist new employees to begin to develop and balance their commitments to working in the organization Joseph Obi Problems with Mentor Programs Looking deeper into mentor programs not all organizations serve their purpose when it comes to addressing the issues facing mentorship It seems that when mentor programs box mentees into a specific role or expectations such programs lose their effectiveness It is important to remember in designing our mentor programs that each individual is more than a number and has their own assets to be contributed apart from their peers
Further evidence has shown that there may be pitfalls to mentorship when a formal mentoring programs reinforce hierarchy over partnership when it comes to female mentees b formal mentoring programs acculturate to normative practices that perpetuate gender bias and c formal mentoring programs count only as remedial solutions for women Ghosh Questions for Improvement What are the barriers within our organization that prevent reciprocal partnership Is our leadership training sufficient in preparing mentors Should there be a mentee training implemented How can women be supported to be effective in mentor roles How can mentoring programs be designed to support women in a way that does not alienate others How can mentoring programs be designed to support women in a way that does not raise concerns for fairness in organizations Ghosh Conclusion Taiba offers a wonderful opportunity for Muslim women to network with other women in the community This is especially important due to current and ongoing events happening worldwide in our Muslim community Women need to feel they have a place that is safe and where they can grow as individuals personally professionally and spiritually The ideas and issues addressed today are intended to spark the discussion of where we are at as an organization and how we can improve to provide the best service and mentorship to the women who need it the most Works Cited About Us Taiba www taiba usa org our story Here is How Taiba www taiba usa org get involved Balu L James Leena Facilitating Protégé Career Development through Skills of Mentors Journal of Education and Practice IISTE No 1 Central Hong Kong Island Hong Kong SAR Tel 852 39485948 e Mail JEP Iiste org Web site http Iiste org Journals Index php JEP 30 Nov 2016 eric ed gov id EJ1132930 Ghosh Rajashi Mentoring Is It Failing Women New Horizons in Adult Education Human Resource Development vol 27 no 4 01 Sept 2015 pp 70 74 EBSCOhost libaccess hccs edu 443 login url http search ebscohost com login aspx direct true db eric AN EJ1079560 site ehost live scope site Joseph Obi Chioma Mentoring Women in Organizations for Change and Continuity A Feminist Intervention IFE Psychologia 02 May 2011 pp 433 447 EBSCOhost libaccess hccs edu 443 login url http search ebscohost com login aspx direct true db a9h AN 66960320 site ehost live scope site

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