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chapter 1 Meredith ran swiftly across the cold damp ground Nearly tripping into a puddle of dark brown water She could already tell she was lost but where She turned he was no longer being chased by someone or something she wasn't sure which it was she looked around she was in a forest of brightly colored moss dangling effortlessly on the branch of a beautiful tree she knew she was in her homeland Ireland but it looked different more like ancient Ireland that they had been studying in history class she looked down at her body same clothes skinny jeans and converses all of a sudden a huge animal ran out of the forest and at her she ran faster than ever her curly red hair flowing behind her Then she woke up breathing helplessly he wet body pressed hard against her bed she realized there was something lying on top of her she heard heavy breathing only to realize it was zyna her pit bull how'd you get in here she whispered to the dog No answer of course so she grabbed zyna a hiked over her shoulder struggling to carry the one hundred pound dog out of the house opening the door and putting zyna down she realized that there was something on the step an envelope that contained a letter that read Congratulations you have been accepted to Ringling College of Art and Design

This is the envelope she had been waiting for since she was in third grade she screamed all the way to her mother s room jumping on the bed awakening her mother and step father I GOT IN What are you talking about her mother said plainly I GOT INTO RINGLING OH my goodness her mother blurted i ' m so proud of you said her step father i ' m going to go call jesse said meredith k hon her mother said yawning meredith ran through the house grabbed her phone and called jesse as fast as she could not remembering that it was five in the morning ring ring ring hello a voice called obviously half asleep Jesse i got into ringling she said jumping up and down on her bed her red curls bouncing around her really said the voice across the phone ya screamed meredith i ll be there in a second she heard him say fast wait you cant mi beep beep he had already hung up meredith threw on her black crop top her high waisted shorts and her black converses and swung out the room jesse s coming over meredith spouted ok hon but you know the rules said her mother expectedly yes ma am meredith said then ding the doorbell meredith ran swiftly to the door and opened it seeing jesse jesse had black hair and blue eyes he handed her a gift bag she opened it and found a bracelet that had a blue m on one side and the other side had a note that read for the brave

Meredith s eyes started to sting her chest started to hurt and her heart stopped beating because what she saw was not the bracelet but the sparkle beneath it she ever so gently picked up the cushion that held the bracelet and found a ring with a diamond and as soon as jesse s seen her mouth treample he bent down and asked her the ultimate question WILL YOU MARRY ME when her mother heard she dropped the knife that was cutting the bacon for breakfast and her step father stopped cooking the eggs and they ran to the door as fast as they could and low and behold the in their daughter's hand lye a box with a wedding ring and her boyfriend bent on his knee on the threshold jesse's stepped in and looked meredith s stepfather oh my go before her mother could finish her sentence she was falling just the jesse reached over and caught her she fainted meredith s step father said carry to the couch so jesse s picked her up and took her to the couch five short seconds later she awoke to her husband looking down at her where s meredith she asked they all turned around and she was still at the door but she was bent over what is she doing asked her mother Jesse walked over to her and she was showing zyna the ring what do you think zyna should i say yes you re asking your six month old pitbull if you should marry me he asked that made meredith jump oh my god looking up at jesse well i wanted her approval before i went and married someone Zyna walked up to jesse who was now crouching down and licked his cheek i think that's a yes said meredith wait about approval

I have to do something come with me they walked over to meredith s parents and asked for their approval they of course said yes 18 year old meredith and 20 year old jesse were getting married Jesse and Meredith were sitting in her room watching Nemo and looking at Zyna playing with a rubber chew toy Does this mean Zyna and Zeus are getting married too asked Meredith yep Jesse stated promptly cool said Meredith Just then Meredith was called downstairs by her mother meredith talk to your grandmother Hello she heard an old worn out voice call hey grandma yes yes ma am uh huh yep love you yeah uh huh bye she hung up hesitantly her grandmother was always the one to ramble on after goodbyes When are we going to start planning the wedding mom calm down merideth begged You know how your mom gets when anything remotely related to weddings her dad said

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