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Microsoft Dynamics and SAP are top two Enterprise Systems in the software industry SAP had 25 of market share compared to Microsoft 5 in the year 2012 Columbus 2013 And in the year 2017 Microsoft Dynamics gained 16 market share while SAP tumbled down to 19 Kimberling 2017 Which tells continuing popularity of Microsoft Dynamics in recent years SAP has been very popular among large enterprises and Microsoft Dynamics is being adopted by small and mid size organizations Choosing right ERP solution for an organization depends on many factors including ease of integration ease of customization flexibility ease of use the time needed for implementation and overall purchase cost and implementation cost Microsoft Dynamics is considered more flexible very easy to use because of its browser based user interface which is extremely intuitive and it has very well developed inter organization and multi organization support Based on its ability to integrate between multiple organizations Microsoft Dynamics takes longer to implement compared to SAP which is generally used within one enterprise organization and its agile implementation approach minimizes implementation time very much 

Between Microsoft Dynamics and SAP I choose Microsoft Dynamics for Enterprise System analysis Microsoft Dynamics consists of CRM and ERP software which is capable of fulfilling both administrative and operational requirements of a business process It has four ERP applications AX GP NAV and SL which have different target audiences based on business needs and collectively help business gain insights into its accounting logistics supply chain management inventory and human resource management Microsoft Dynamics is flexible and it has very well developed inter organization and multi organization support with its data services like Power BI and Azure which helps to remove the ambiguity of customers by identifying customers with its contextual activities analyzed in enterprise data It helps to make better business decisions by providing the capability of automatic creation and deployment of highly effective machine learning models for specific needs which can anticipate risks Microsoft Dynamics provides great and intuitive visualizations It provides the ability to build and embed graphs present data stats on the dashboard which are critical to monitor With its deep network of relationships data can be explored quickly and visually to provide great insights and with this great CRM it provides the best possible service to customers Microsoft Dynamics is a great fit for mid to large size businesses 

With its core ERP functionalities its great fit for manufacturing industries large distributions services retail and public sector industries It provides multi language support so it s great for those industries which operate worldwide An organization like Dell Inc which is a computer manufacturing and distribution company and serves customers worldwide Microsoft Dynamics would be a great fit for such company Dell saved 50 million a year by adapting to ERP solutions from Microsoft Dynamics Dell improved reliability and stability of their production environment achieved a massive reduction in downtime and approached the goal of 99 99 reliability in most of its factories Microsoft Dynamics provided Dell great flexibility of customization based on changing needs which Dell leveraged using the Lean module in Microsoft Dynamics and served customers with changing market trends Now at Dell operators need to look only at one screen instead of multiple screens and because of its intuitive and customizable user interface it provides great meaningful reports right in their hands on any internet enabled device ERP provides company wide visibility and unified reporting system to analyze status in real time to know updates from all departments and this transparency not only enables better collaboration across all departments but also easy to check for any faults

By automating daily repetitive tasks with ERP users can focus on the critical task which provides high productivity at low cost Because of simple access to data organizations can use such data for strategic analysis planning and better decisions In case of Dell ERP system provided great insights on system reliability by interconnecting all departments and monitoring performance of the overall system which Dell used for its strategic decisions on improving manufacturing quality and reliability logistics and supply chain management for providing great products and great customer satisfaction Development of ERP systems takes a long time depending on company size from 3 to 5 years and costs a lot Integration of existing or legacy systems becomes very tedious and after such great money and time investments it s payback may not be realized immediately Implementation of ERP systems without proper planning directives goals support and investment can end up in disastrous failure and can take the whole organization down with it ERP is RDBMS based and carries all of its issues with it A single database of ERP can cause slow performance over time overall sluggishness longer backup time query performance disk latency and other system resources issues which can t be avoided for large enterprises

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