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Pakistan and Israel are Considered as Ideological Twins.

ABSTRACT. Pakistan and Isreal are considered as ideological twins. Because both countries got freedom on the basis of their religions. But both never had any diplomatic relations with each other, neither had any war directly. There are various reasons for not recognizing Isreal as a state one of the main reasons is solidarity with the Muslims of Palestine. Isreal and Pakistan tried to establish ties with each other but somehow did not work. Isreal’s relation with India has completed its 25 years and it has some major impacts on Pakistan. Moreover, another reason for not recognizing Isreal is that we the Muslims believe that Islam restraints us to do so. Nonetheless, if the relationship between Pakistan and Isreal is established, Pakistan can benefit from Isreal in many ways. This research paper will answer if it is possible for Pakistan to recognize Isreal. What are the main reasons for not recognizing Isreal. Lastly, can Pakistan and Isreal befriend. Keywords: Pakistan, Isreal, relations, Isreal’s relations with the middle east, Isreal friend or foe. Pre creation scenario of Pakistan and Isreal. History of Pakistan. Here is a brief history of Pakistan before independence. Before Partition both India and Pakistan were under the rule of Britain. Quaide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah worked hard for the creation of Pakistan Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal have a deep inspiration of the Muslims of sub-continent. He infused a moving spirit and identity in the Muslims of India. By the efforts of Quaid e Azam the Muslim league held its annual session on 22 24 March 1940.

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