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Padini Store should advertise more on their Product

5 Improvement Strategies 1 Advertisement Padini Store should advertise more on their product so that more people will aware of their product This is because when Padini Store advertise their product through advertisement more people will be aware of the product In addition it is a good way to increase marketing efforts during slow sales period This is because there is more competition and fewer customer during the slow sales period Padini Store should also view magazines specialty publications newspaper ads and other forms of marketing as the way to improve their sales On top of that Padini Store might engage in programmes that broadcast the fashion shows or 24 hours in the specially formulated Fashion Channel in the satellite TV This is to attract the potential customer to purchase their product Besides Padini Store should advertise their product through radio advertising A catchy catchphrase and quick tag line can enhance a radio ad s effectiveness Matching the station that Padini Store choose with their target demographic is key For example if Padini Store want to reach adults aged 35 to 64 an adult contemporary station is a good bet and for the youth aged 18 to 24 is suitable on an alternative or urban station 2 Connect with the customer Padini Store need to have a good communication with their customer because excellent customer service is the key to increase their sales They should always listen to their customer to understand the customer needs and wants So that they can provide their needs and wants accordingly to the customer

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Northridge Earthquake this events happens in about 23 years

Northridge Earthquake this events happens in about 23 years ago from today Located in San Fernando in North Central California It's one of most devastating earthquake and has been recorded the third most expensive damage cost in the US history Buildings houses hospital and etc have experienced heavy damage and collapse in each sites There's over a thousand people got injured and about 57 people died Right now while I'm researching about Northridge Earthquake I want to find out how earthquake occur why the damage cost so much and where the earthquake comes from The reason I want to research this topic is because it really gets me to find out more about Northridge Earthquake To achieve this goal I want to do more research and information What is earthquake Earthquake is the shaking of the earth's surface resulting underground sudden break boundaries between moving plates collided or blocks of the earth suddenly slip one another causing destruction toward houses buildings and etc The damage was mainly caused by a powerful wave near the epicenter The Seismic wave is an energy that travel through the earth's layers Crust results earthquake volcano eruption and other natural disaster You can feel the seismic wave depends where you live

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