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Throughout history there have been protests by minorities for the same rights as the white man These minorities include African Americans Hispanics and Native Americans Native Americans were influenced by the African American protests to also protest for what they believed were wrong choices made by our governments Two of these protests were The Indian Civil Rights Movement and a more recent protest the Dakota Pipeline These protests were similar and different compared to each other and showed the world how they were being treated compared to others The Indian Civil Rights Movement was a protest for Native Americans to choose our own way of life In the year of 1961 about 400 Native Americans from 67 different tribes came together in Chicago Even though the two protests are similar the Dakota Pipeline took place in 2016 when an oil pipeline 1 172 miles long was to be placed underground from South Dakota and Iowa to Illinois The Sioux tribe did not agree with the pipeline not only cause of the likelihood of negatively affecting the environment of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation including contaminating the water the people of the reservation heavily relied on but also because of the damages to a spiritual burial ground and possible other important grounds Like the Native Americans in the Indian Civil Rights Movement the Sioux tribe peacefully protested by making a camp next to the location of the pipeline

Thousands of people gathered together to protest Unlike the Indian Civil Rights Movement the government continued to ignore the protesters and continue the construction When trying to remove the protestors security workers used attack dogs that bit about six protesters and one horse and sprayed others with water cannons When the Indian Civil Rights Movement took place our congress passed the Indian Civil Rights Act which gave Native Americans rights including the guarantee of protection later increased tribal self determination and increased financial aid In the end of both protests the Indian Civil Rights Movement did not reach the goal of full justice but were still able to achieve legal rights and protections The pipeline was completed and most of the reservation including sacred ground was destroyed making the Indian Civil Rights Movement more successful compared to the Dakota Pipeline It is hard to have an opinion when it is impossible to find the truth Many of the sources I looked into were all different I could not find two that were similar There is always two sides to a story It seems that in this case there are many sides The only opinion I have is there is a better way to resolve the issues starting with the violence I found that some of the protestors were attacked The protesters did not try to harm the construction workers or the security They were practicing a peaceful protest which is very legal I agree when President Donald Trump was willing to arrange an agreement The pipeline could have very easily gone around the reservation which is established for the Native Americans It is their right to have those reservations which the government granted them but I do not agree that the agreement had to be on his terms There were other ways around the situation 

A negotiation was needed and was necessary Ruining their burial site is the same comparison to someone ruining our cemeteries I also disagree with hurting the environment Oil is a necessity to the human way of life but so is Earth we need to take care of it Without a healthy place to live we cannot live healthy lifestyles I am not some who will overwhelm you when it comes to the environment but I do care about the environment and I believe that it comes first and that there is also another way around a problem I want to make it clear that I understand that oil is a very important resource and that it is important that we have it there for a pipeline needs to be created President was willing to negotiate and I feel that should be enough It comes down to what is more important to you and your future Which would you rather lose Oil or the reservation s property The Indian Civil Rights Movement was more successful and less violent it took place in a less recent time and it had less protestors The Dakota Pipeline protest was less successful violent and was more recent Yet the protests were for similar reasons their rights and property The Dakota Pipeline was poorly handled and there was a better way to solve the issue Works Cited Dakota Access Pipeline NPR NPR www npr org tags 492631446 dakota access pipeline Dakota Access Pipeline Facts Dakota Access Pipeline Facts daplpipelinefacts com Dakota Access Pipeline What to Know About the Controversy Time Time time com 4548566 dakota access pipeline standing rock sioux Dakota Pipeline What's behind the Controversy BBC News BBC 7 Feb 2017 www bbc com news world us canada 37863955 Brinkley Alan The Unfinished Nation 4th Edition McGraw Hill NY 2004 Print

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