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Modern age advancements in technology have played a major role in enabling business process automation BPA According to Shacklett 2015 automation of business processes can automate work processes to the point where employee involvements are needless BPA helps in saving money and time delights customers who do not have to wait in line in order to be assisted and most importantly prevents human error However it is important to note that not every business process needs to be automated According to Shacklett companies need to define the processes that are suitable to automation and the ones that are best controlled by their employees According to Barker 2016 BPA is aimed at the tasks that involve a sequence of processes that follow a predictable pattern with a sequence of recurrent operations Furthermore the process is normally done by an extension of the existing IT systems application of a business process management system or by the purchase of a specialist BPA tool In multiple organizations and businesses people are involved in performing manual duties such as routing information approving a request and documenting and revising workflows However this can be a struggle when employees have to revise scroll reply and forward multiple emails among other tasks 

Such activities can be conducted in erroneous ways and thus cost the company money Additionally such activities can decrease the company accountability and affect customer satisfaction and services because they are prone to errors and difficult to monitor According to Smartsheet 2018 the automation of these processes can help in reducing stress eradicate anxieties about missed emails In brief businesses normally automate their processes in order to enforce accountability reduce costs streamline communication improve workflows allow efficient allocation of resources and maintain a consistent process speed among others The areas where BPA works According to Shacklett BPA can produce great outcomes in rote and monotonous tasks such as automated project management activities and status software updates time tracking as well as process flows for order filling Through the reduction of the physical work in these activities and process the chores can be performed consistently and with a significant reduction of human fault Other areas where BPA can produce great results involves the areas with complex decision making that can be addressed by a machine For instance the credit or loan desk decisions can be simplified with the help of an automated process in order to identify complex processes such as running a financial analysis of the customer 

This helps in reducing the risk of making irrational decisions on credit Shacklett 2015 According to Angeles 2014 business process automation is also effective in client management activities For instance companies can use BPA software such as the Central Desktop to perform client management activities including collaboration activities providing the customers with automatic updates and management of documents among other activities Furthermore BPA can be used to perform activities related to forecasting using Excel performing less complicated legal work management of project using software such as Redmine among other tasks Angeles 2014 Most organizations in the modern age use social media to market and create awareness of their products and services and BPA can be useful in managing the social media According to Tallyfy 2018 social media automation tools such as Buffer can help in saving the amount of time sped of social media to market the company products Additionally this tool can be useful in scheduling the posts during the day week or month based on the company favorites Areas automation does not work According to Shacklett organizations with the highest skills in the utilization of BPA software understand that when automation can lead to negative outcomes Therefore it is important to think very cautiously before launching a BPA software to customer facing procedures The automation of tasks or processes without consideration of the ways it will be used by the numerous people that will have to interrelate with the system can undesirably affect acceptance and performance

It is important to consider the people that will have to enter data into a new device to please someone else s practice In some case forms and software are designed from the standpoint of the receiver with little or no reflection for how the provider of the information works with it and this can result in a software or machine that is not easy to use Optimus 2011 This implies that business process automation does not work well in customer service process For instance a customer might appreciate being able to use an automated processes to book a hotel or a travel reservation but they might be less grateful for a complex call attendant automation procedure In the customer's perspective this might suggest that the corporation does not want to engage with the customer unless the customer is considering purchasing a product Secondly automation software may not work well in processes that involve voice and visual based processes such as sensory and translation mechanisms The software may not capture and respond to all varieties of information which may result in a miscommunication In brief in order to get the most out automation in workflows an organization needs to define specific automation goals and assess the outcomes of a phased in approach to adoption Secondly there is a need to train the employees in the automation process Most importantly there is a need to include a human failover option for all automated processes These features will ensure efficient delivery of services and that the company continues to function if automation is interrupted

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