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Monster Beverage Corporation is a company invented by Hubert Hansen in 1935 Starting in California the company began as Hansen's Juices then later changed its name to The Fresh Juices of California Him and his grandsons sold his product in Southern California to film studios and retailers Although in 2008 the company could no longer label its product as natural since it included high fructose corn syrup So the company changed its name to Monster Beverage Corporation and labeled itself as an energy drink Today the company is very successful as it s worth over 3 1 billion Monster Energy drinks were designed to boost up the consumer s energy This product is mainly targeted towards athletes before they play to get their energy up However many students in high school and in college drink them too During long nights of homework and studying they rely on energy drinks to keep them awake Even though mostly athletes and students drink them all people of all ages consume them as well Many ingredients are used in Monster in order to give the consumer the energy they need It s full of several ingredients such as caffeine L carnitine taurine glucose water natural flavors sucrose citric acid color added panax ginseng roo1 to extract sodium citrate inositol benzoic acid sodium chloride sorbic acid niacinamide sucralose cyanocobalamin glucuronolactone maltodextrin riboflavin guarana seed and pyridoxine hydrochloride Out of all of these ingredients though there are four that are the most important to the making of this drink 

They include glucose caffeine taurine and L carnitine Due to these ingredients however Monster Energy Drinks can be potentially dangerous Depending on how the consumer handles caffeine it can cause your heart rate to increase Each can of Monster contains three times the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee Additionally this energy drink can cause dehydration Although made to help athletes keep their energy level up it can cause severe dehydration if you re sweating a lot and don't drink enough water To prevent this it is recommended that you hydrate yourself before and after drinking Monster One of the four main ingredients used in Monster Energy is glucose Glucose is a type of sugar that you normally get from the food you eat and your body uses it as a source of energy Is commonly referred to as blood sugar once it has traveled through your bloodstream to your cells It's A simple sugar that is made up of six carbon atoms twelve hydrogen atoms and six oxygen atoms In the human body every cell needs energy to perform functions that allow us to complete everyday tasks Having abnormally high or low levels of glucose however can be potentially life threatening Another main ingredient used in Monster Energy is caffeine Caffeine is a bitter substance that naturally occurs in over 60 plants Some of these include coffee beans kola nuts tea leaves and cacao pods It is made up of eight carbon atoms ten hydrogen atoms four nitrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms 

Majority of people consume caffeine from drinks Caffeine however has many effects on your metabolism First it gives you a boost of energy by stimulating your central nervous system Additionally it s diuretic so it gets rid of excess salt and water in your body by allowing you to urinate more Lastly it can give you an upset stomach or even heartburn due to the acids released in your stomach Caffeine reaches its peak level in your bloodstream within only one hour of consuming it The side effects of it although can last up to six hours long The third main ingredient used in Monster Energy is taurine Taurine or 2 aminoethanesulfonic acid is a type of amino acid that is found throughout the body It's commonly found in many foods and used in energy drinks Taurine is made up of two carbon atoms 7 hydrogen atoms one nitrogen atom three oxygen atoms and one sulfur atom Unlike majority of amino acids taurine isn t used to build proteins in your body allowing it to be classified as a conditional essential amino acid These of amino acids can be useful but are not necessary for the body Although in its most natural form taurine can actually show positive side effects to the immune system and the nervous system It's commonly used in energy drinks to counteract the strong effects of caffeine used in it Many people disagree with this however and feel that there should be less taurine used and more caffeine If this were the case though the side effects could be extremely dangerous and possibly life threatening 

The last main ingredient used in Monster Energy is L carnitine Naturally produced in the body by the liver and kidney L carnitine is an amino acid that is a building block for proteins It’s made up of seven carbon atoms fifteen hydrogen atoms one nitrogen atom and 3 carbon atoms It helps produce energy in the body and is important for the heart brain and muscles to function Energy drink companies including Monster use L carnitine because it's proven to raise a person's energy level and counteracts caffeine like taurine does Monster Beverage Corporation is one of the countries most popular brand of energy drinks in the country It uses several ingredients to allow the consumer to get the energy they need Four of the main ingredients used are glucose caffeine taurine and L carnitine Although not the healthiest of choices Monster actually works and helps people when they need that extra boost of energy However due to the ingredients used if this product is overly consumed it can be potentially very harmful As a result this is the chemistry of Monster Beverage Corporation

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