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Morgan Freeman was born in Memphis Tennessee June 1st 1937 He was the youngest of five children Morgan Freeman His parents moved to Chicago looking for work when he had to stay back with his maternal grandmother until the age of 6 when she died He had to move back with his mother and figure out that his father and her got divorced because his father became an alcoholic His acting started as a punishment for pulling out a chair from his Crush during Junior High years For his punishment he was forced to play in the play at a school talent show at the age of 12 the judges decided to say that he was a natural at acting Morgan really liked acting a lot but his heart was still set on becoming a fighter pilot for the military when Morgan went to the military he was disappointed knowing that he had to stay on the ground in the command center locating were enemies were He also decided that he didn't have the will to shoot down another person s plane After he left the military he had to go back to acting so he went to Hollywood to try to become a famous actor Even though at first he didn't get the acting job he still enjoyed acting very much Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman was in many movies from the late 90's to now He has really pursued his dream job after he left eh military he has never thought it would change his life this much

Morgan was so good at acting he won the best actor ever and the second oscar he's ever gotten Morgan got so famous that he was in a huge film in the 1990's called the sandshank he was so happy he made the part in the film Some say morgan was the voice of god and many knew that by the part he played in bruce almighty in 2003 Morgan has done it again he has one his 3rd oscar for playing in the movie the million dollar baby Morgan Freeman is not only a great actor but he is thought of as one of the most talented actors in the field so would even say legendary He has won several awards for his acting including a Golden Globe and an Academy award He has been in several movies that have been highly recognized by several people inside and out of the industry as and inspirational and noteworthy of his abilities such as Driving Miss Daisy Million Dollar Baby Bruce Almighty and Shawshank Redemption All of these movies showcased his many different levels of acting abilities He is also had a very hard life as a kid He came from a dysfunctional home where he lost his father at an early are due to alcoholism which led to him to be raised by his grandmother for most of his childhood He himself struggled with the same disease in the 70 when he was a part of the Electric Company Morgan eventually beat alcoholism on his own He also moved several times as well when he was a child

This caused him to not have very many friends growing up Another thing that a lot of people don't know is he served in the Air Force His dream was to be a pilot in the Air Force instead he became a mechanic Later in life he did get his pilot licence He followed his passion and never gave up on getting what he most desired and that was to fly Among all his accomplishments from beating a tough childhood serving in the military and becoming one of the most respected actors in Hollywood he has several other sides people admire about him such as a very skilled dancer and a huge sportsman which includes his love of the game of golf Morgan has expanded into the world of business Currently he owns a blue s music club in Clarksdale MS located next to the Delta Blues Museum called Ground Zero Morgan has done so many amazing things in his lifetime but people think what he is most known for is his passion for others He is know to have one of the most compassionate and caring heart He is very involved in racial and social equality

He is a huge advocate and has been involved in raising money for many different foundations such as the American Foundation for Equal Rights that help support equality including gender women's rights and same sex marriage Morgan is considered a Philanthropist He has donated thousands of dollars over the years to support many charitable organizations which include hurricane relief female education programs and animal rescue organizations This is just to name a few of the hundreds more he has been involved in He is a very selfless person and believe that money isn't what makes you a good person it's what you do behind your actions it what makes you a better person It's easy to see why people admire and see him as a role model He has lived a very humble life putting the needs of others in his life and community first He has never forgotten where he came from the struggles he beat and the people he loved and those who are in need of a voice in order to be heard

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