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Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease which affects fewer than 200 000 people a year across the country MS is considered rare and uncommon Scientists do not know the cause or what affects the condition Although we do know that Multiple sclerosisis is an autoimmune disease which is when the immune system attacks its own tissue In this case the MS demolishes myelin the substance that protects nerve fibers in spinal cord and brain There is no cure but there are multiple treatments For example immunosuppressants steroids medications therapies exercise specialists etc Multiple sclerosis comes with numerous symptoms like muscle paralysis fatigue clumsiness blurred vision mood swings impaired voice sleep deprivation and many more MS lasts for years or even lifelong and requires a diagnosis and constant lab tests In a victim's body multiple sclerosis can often attack tissue surrounding the brain and its optic nerves It can severely cause scarring around the brain and disrupt messages or signals that travel from the brain s spinal cord to the rest of the body https www diagnosisms com wp content uploads 2012 04 fig3 jpg Multiple sclerosis affects the nervous system in numerous ways When one develops MS cells around the nervous system are damaged and the nerves are exposed causing the brain to have a hard time communicating with the body 

Some may start losing vision and hearing due to brain misinterpretations They may even have a difficult time controlling breathing muscles and muscles in their limbs For instance a pins and needles feeling and numbness may occur in the arms and legs Nerve damage can also affect how much urine one may hold potentially creating kidney and bladder infections Multiple sclerosis causes harsh scarring around the tissues of the brain creating greater damage The nervous system analyzes information and helps send messages to the body and vice versa to perform actions It also helps decide on an action and interpret things It is made up of the brain nervous tissue spinal cord nerves meninges sense organs and cerebrospinal fluid The brain made up of neurons blood vessels glial cells and connective tissue and spinal cord work together to process information and responses The brain also controls body systems like maintenance of blood pressure and heart rate The nervous tissue transmits electrochemical signals The nerves carry signals from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain 

They are made of connective tissue called epineurium The meninges are responsible for protecting the central nervous system It is made of the dura mater toughest layer with connective tissue arachnoid mater thin layer with skinny fibers and pia mater delicate layer that rests on the brain and spine The cerebrospinal fluid absorbs shocks in the body to protect the central nervous system reduces weight of brain and spinal cord to allow brain blood vessels to stay open and save the nervous tissue from being crushed Sense organs carry sensory information like sight and smell Multiple sclerosis harms the nervous systems organs and parts as well The brain receives scarring disrupting signals and causing loss of nerve fiber Scarring may also occur in the nerve tissues The spine loses its protection called the myelin sheath which is excessively damaged The meninges maintains a higher density of T cell and the nerves become very inflamed The nervous system receives so much hardship and hurt especially the spine and brain 

The immune system protects people from microorganisms and germs to keep the body healthy Ms can make the body's immune system attack healthy tissue resulting in nerve damage throughout the entire body This can cause bowel dysfunction like loss of bowel control and constipation For instance the causes of an abnormal bowel and constipation can show a strong decrease in physical activity and poor fluid intake The immune system protects the human body from microbes such as parasites and bacteria

 Also it keeps invaders such as tumors and infections away from other organs keeping the human body healthy enough to function properly However if the immune system blocks out a needed section of the body it can cause a permanent disorder such as harsh allergies or a type of diabetes For the overall body the immune system defends all organs from an unfamiliar infection or germ It acts like a guardian to the over human body as it is in defense of keeping everything in the body function smoothly Hence without the immune system the human body can be exposed to all kinds of germs illnesses and aggressive viruses In the immune system there are a variety of organs within it tonsils thymus lymph nodes and vessels the spleen bone marrow appendix and ect However with an individual who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis these organs are attacked and could possibly shut down

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