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Muslim women have been the subject of many a forums in the West and even in Australia The perception of their treatment has mostly been negative as they are presumed to be oppressed by their religion The question What do you admire least about the Islamic or Muslim world was disproportionally answered with gender inequality in a 2005 Gallop Poll involving US households Herr 2010 The same view dots the Australian population with Muslim women having to live through a different social location relative to the majority within the Middle East and North Africa An anti oppressive framework would reveal the backward nature of oppression of Muslim women that the Australian populace exerts on this faction of society passively at personal cultural and systemic levels Personal Level of Oppression Down to a personal level as she was in the process of researching her PhD thesis on Muslim women fight sexism within Muslim communities Susan Carland faced a barrage of oppressive notions from Muslims and non Muslims alike The idea that she was investigating such an autonomous anti oppressive movement amongst Muslim women with impressive results against the systemic status quo championed by the Western media and ingrained in their population of a passive and oppressed Muslim woman her actions and that of the participants in her study were deemed as apostasy Others even humiliated her on account of female genital mutilation Carland 2017 Her study revealed the social identity of Muslim women across various forms of oppression and privilege The anti oppressive notion would be to accept the existence of an entirely unique status quo that does not mimic the Orientalist or condescending attitude towards Muslim women who have a voice for themselves 

Further instances of such personal attacks are scorning and death threats to Muslim women who appeared on the media on account of their perspectives or dressing Carland 2012 As for their perspectives most personal attacks to oppress women from expressing their opinions were superficial symptoms of the inherent nature that merely but of significance obfuscates the message of the women The attack usually veers towards the dressing of the women not meeting religious standards of some sort This habit oppresses women in a sexist fashion underpinned by cultural notions of judging women from their appearance rather than what they have to say In adopting anti oppressive policies there are instances of discrimination that surface against the evening out of the socio political map for oppressed individuals like Muslim women Anti oppressive employment practices saw to the inclusion Sarah Idris a high achieving radiographer with Islamic affiliation However her competitors for the job saw it as an unearned power as they saw her as a token employee chosen to adhere to the inclusion clause in most company policies Hanifie 2017 Such perceptions lead to the formulation of Muslim women as helpless and unenlightened All the same Muslim women are underrepresented in various fields of work citing personal levels of oppression Carland 2012 notes that women are lacking in Australian media This is sheer alienation of Muslim women from speaking out The silencing of Muslim women by the media has led to the widespread ignorance regarding their issues Numerous other aspects reflect the same trends with spokespeople advertisement voice over and sports teams all rife with males From a personal view Jane Caro noted the ageism applied in selecting a female spokesperson as the media selected an old frail Muslim lady to represent the female image Caro notes the lack of a feisty Muslim woman that can discuss the Australian Muslim experience with vigor and relevance Orientalist perceptions of Muslim women as subjugated also add to the narrative of Islam being oppressive 

On a personal level such claims have made young impressionable people doubt their faith in such liberal times where the ideological western perspective blackball the Muslim community Huq 2017 The substance to claims such as these serve to misdirect the focus of conversations and instead it makes Islamic persons to leave or doubt their religious inclinations The Australian political scene is rife with instances of personal oppression through politically incorrect incarnations Consequently these personal attacks are vastly instrumental in developing oppression at all levels Such utterances radicalize ordinary citizens to act out their feelings such as in the case where a woman had a cup of coffee thrown on her another s perambulator was kicked and another s hijab was ripped off Such oppressive acts followed the terror raids in Brisbane Melbourne and Sydney in 2014 Dingle 2014 Further a woman was assaulted by having her head bashed on a train window whilst being racially abuse while another woman broke her arm after being shoved to the road Bucci 2014 The tensions exert psychological and physical trauma to Muslim women in substantial proportions such that they feel targeted Cultural Level of Oppression As victims of oppression Muslim women are yet to have their self expressed representation of the challenges of their lives due to systemic isolation by the media and Western academia As Carland 2012 reveals the discussion about the oppression of Muslim women places irrelevant stakeholders at its center stage leaving women out of the discussion for the large part Such is the cultural ideation that amounts in the casting of a large shadow on the first hand experience of Muslim women being revealed to the world From 1800 to 1950 the West theorized the oppression of Muslim women in over 60 000 texts that dwarfed the voices of women who have broken the various barriers of oppression that other worldly people assume are non existent The privilege that the media and academia has in cultivating the perspective of the world on Muslim women is in effect silencing them Their social location is being determined by ungrounded theories that the media is perpetuating regardless of the existence of multitudes of Muslim women who are in a position to reveal the reality of their situation

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