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My Aquaponics Experience 10th Science and agriculture is where my strongest points are The first day of high school I was sitting in the second row from the left the third eat back I hear a weird bubble sounds So I turn around to see what is was I wasn't too sure what this structure was but it looked like a fish tank with gold with tubes running up to a container full of gravel as Mr Crow was talking I was trying to figure out what it was and how did it work and what did it do Then the bell rang and Mr Crow called me up and asked if I knew what that was that I was looking at the whole class period and I said no and he explained This was the most exciting interesting thing I have heard of he called it an aquaponics system Then I went to my next period class wonder how it worked and why would there be something like that in the classroom So when I went home I went straight to my laptop to do some research My mom asked what I was doing and I said learning what an aquaponics system is she said oh like she had no idea what it was I learned that you take fish tank or some sort of container and put fish in it and then the water is pumped from the tank it some sort of media bed which was the container in Mr Crows room and you put plants in the gravel I learned that aquaponics first started in china where they would take largo foam boards they called rafts and place net pods in then that were filled with media and would plant lettuce in them and float them on coin ponds 

The reason for aquaponics is that the plants absorb the fish waste that is pumped to the media bed the fish waste is full of nitrogen which the plant needs to produce energy so that it can grow so I started watching videos on how to build a aquaporin system and a few days later I started building one of my own The reason I was doing this is because I find growing plants very interring and I have always wanted to have a fish tank so it's like killing two birds with one stone The next day I went to school I couldn't wait to get to Mr Crows class to take a close look how it works and let him know that I'm starting to build one He was amazed by how much I was interested in them he seemed to be surprised He helped me a lot by telling me how to do it and what supplies i'll need and then I wasn't able to find media so he referred me to I think his brother in law at a stone quarry and got it for free A few weeks later I went to ace and got my fish and started the system up It was awesome I am a big FAM of growing exotic plants and filled the whole media bed full of them After a few months a signed up for an Add to dictionary grower s newsletter and learned that few people have them But the industry is becoming bigger and bigger I posted a few pictures of mine on facebook and got a lot of questions about it people wanted to know what it was and what it did and few had an interest in it One lady private messaged me and wanted me to build one for her because she couldn't keep her cats out of the tank and loved to grow plants so I asked her what size tank went over to hewer house took measurements and bean to build one 

This was kind of tricky because she planned to keep it in her living room so I built it and when the water came into the media bed is was coming out of a frost mouth and was very nice the lady was very happy with it It was fifty dollars to build and I sold it to her for one hundred so I made some money The most enjoyable thing about doing that for her was that I thought an older person something new A few months later when mine was full of beautiful full colorful plants I decided to build a new one This was around the same time as the agriculture science fair so this was an opportunity to show and teach people about them and prove that plants grow better in an aquaponics system rather than soil This system took me a few months to build it was one of the biggest I have built and this system was all built out of plc pipe that I bought from ace hardware I decided to grow bibb lettuce in aquaponics and in soil forty of each after a few days sprouting began in the aquaponics before the soil wasn't surprised but as few people that were aware of my experiment were surprised I so o happy with myself and I still have all of my systems fully function able and full of plants I done a survey on the Knowles of aquaponics in our school I tested one hundred students and only thirty percent had Knowles of aquaponics and seventy did I hope that you learned something and have a nice day

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