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Statement of Purpose My first approach to Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD was during my final year of my bachelor's Bachelor's degree was the branching moment towards my interest in the field of My BE course had With CFD as a subject in the 8th semester What pushed me to that area was myi gained affinity towards c Computer software throughout my life In order to learn to simulate I did a lot of underwent relentless tutorials and also read started reading numerous journals I learned that even if all fluid flow phenomena are in principle open to simulation by CFD techniques it is only the minority of those which are easy to simulate most are rather convoluted and many will have to be regarded for many years as unattainable This made me understand that although the behavior of fluids has been analyzed for centuries a detailed understanding of the same still eludes us The fundamental three dimensional Navier Stokes equations were formulated in the 19th century but a set of smooth and globally defined velocity vector and pressure field that satisfies the same are yet to be discovered Understanding such hindrances and overcoming these barriers has roused my inquisitiveness and has served as my key source of inspiration for pursuing graduate studies I graduated with First class with Distinction the highest grade awarded to a student in the Pune University

The undergraduate course has aided me to develop a strong grounding in engineering In college I always enjoyed long hours in the labs It gave me the opportunity to associate theory with practical phenomena Throughout my engineering studies I studied numerous software like Ansys AutoCAD CREO and MATLAB I was the top of my class in MATLAB coding I enjoyed conceptual subjects like Fluid Mechanics Thermodynamics This in turn gave me a better perception of the subjects and newer lines of thinking It was interesting to know how the principles of Fluid Mechanics relate to the thermodynamic functioning of the engines be it concerning the study of essential turbulence required for smoother combustion or of the rather secondary convection of residual heat to the atmosphere In the final year internship project I picked out an Atlas Copco India Ltd sponsored project entitled Benchmarking of Open FOAM using professional CFD tools along with 3 of my classmates The prerequisites of this project were very high It demanded high technical knowledge of CFD and practical skills on a lot of software namely ICEM CFD Ansys Fluent Open FOAM and Paraview During this internship I mastered this software and did a CFD flow analysis of a centrifugal pump in Ansys FLUENT and Open FOAM using the MRF method Multiple Reference Frame The comparison of the performance characteristics of the centrifugal pump was done using Paraview in order to benchmark OpenFOAM in comparison to professional CFD tools The project was completed and a paper with the same title was published in the IJRITCC journal 2017 Issue 1 This project not only gave me proficient skills of in CFD tools and coding but it taught me how to deal with numerous practical difficulties in the meshing and the simulations in the CFD world and overcome them with limited resources Through this experience in the professional world I reached the conclusion

The further rapid development of computers and the therewith connected technologies will make the practical computation of scientific phenomena possible which have not been ascertained yet Upon graduating in May 2017 I joined Vijsun Engineers Pvt Ltd as a Trainee Engineer It is an engineering company involved in a variety of engineering activities in Process Industries like Sugar Distillery and Alcohol projects Starch Glucose projects etc since past 30 years Currently I am working as a trainee engineer under Mr Chaitnaya Chavan on one of the turnkey sugar project The project is set up in Nashik district I am working on the setup of the power plant required and work in the quality control department My task is to determine if the equipment is according to the drawings of the equipment Moreover I supervise the proper erection of this equipment at the factory site This has been a great exposure in the world of product design and quality control I have gained an extensive professional experience in troubleshooting production planning and quality control In the future an engineer being familiar with CFD is demanded to have a consolidated knowledge in mechanicsMechanics mathematicsMathematics and computer Computer sciences Sciences more than today A strong background in CFD opens up a successful career in many fields of engineering That being said after completion of mastersMasters I would like to utilize the knowledge acquired from my graduate work to add enduring value to the society as a team member of a research group of organizations like Honda R D and General Motors which specialize in the field of CFD and design In the long run I would like to develop faster efficient and accurate CFD solvers and take the engineering and CFD society towards greater technological heights through my knowledge SUNY Buffalo offers a range of subjects that I intend to study namely computational analysis of thermal fluids and optimization of engineering design which I found after thorough research Other than these subjects I also came across Professor Paul Bauman s Professor Iman Borazjani s and Professor Gary Dargush s research on adaptive mesh refinement adaptive modeling and Bio inspired Propulsion which perfectly align with my interests Hence I am looking forward to coming to the campus and working with them in order to realize the goals that I have set for myself This step will certainly be helpful ascertaining my goals that I have set for myself

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