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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE My interest in choosing an engineering career began during my middle school My dad used to run a small workshop with a lathe and a drilling machine during my holidays I used to spend time seeing his work The interest in me to know how these machines work urged me to learn more about the machinery and its working furthermore exploration in the field of engineering I decided engineering is the best field where my interest is on Right from my young age spending more time in the industry led me in choosing a diploma program after the completion of my 10th grade Diploma helped me in gaining more practical knowledge than the regular theoretical classes To extend my knowledge in the field of machinery I decided to choose Mechanical as my major During my diploma classes I gained knowledge in practical skills as well as theoretical skills I also gained practical experience in industries through internships and assisted the engineer in an assembly line in the company called Masani Industrie during my summer break They are one of the leading producers of asbestos sheeting machinery in India As an extracurricular activity to learn about designing and modelling of machines I joined a CAD courses CREO and AUTOCAD

I led my team for KAPSTEC an inter polytechnic science competition and awarded the best model award for the consecutive three years I have won the best innovator award in an inter polytechnic science meet for the project Power generation from speed breaker My team and I developed a machine for overcoming the power scarcity prevailing at that time For my final diploma project my team and I worked on Automatic foot dust cleaner which is used to clean the dust and debris from our footwear After completion of my diploma the passion towards engineering and further understanding in the field of my interest urged me in opting for a Bachelor's degree in Mechatronics which unites the principles of mechanics electronics and computing This course helped me to sculpt myself for the future in automation by which I ll have a chance to fulfill my dream of automation My undergraduate study was cherishing experience with the subjects like manufacturing technologies power plant engineering CAD CAM Design of machine elements control systems and signal processing which helped me gain more knowledge than my diploma degree During my second year of my bachelor's degree I had an opportunity to attend three week implant training at ANWAR Sheeting and roofing Bangladesh During the training I learned more about industrial automation material preparation and the fundamentals of hydraulics and their flow process To get to know more on CAM which I was introduced to during the training led me to join CATIA and MASTERCAM software course in UMS Technologies 

This helped me to learn more about sheet metal design and solid modelling and analyzing them During my department symposium TETSUROFEST I led and organized the CAD modelling and Line follower contest which helped me in gaining my leadership qualities and how to work together as a team At my third year of study I went to Autotherm Equipment Corporation Coimbatore for my summer intern During the intern I was introduced to the concepts of heat exchangers furnaces and ovens I have been trained on the software ANSYS the control panels and how to program them I had gained more knowledge in the field of heat treatment in training at Vishnu Heat treatment Coimbatore During the intern I learned about the heat treatment process such as Hardening tempering annealing carburizing etc For the better utilization of my industrial knowledge I have worked on a project Smart Switch Board and submitted during Open House day held in our Department I led a team of 38 members for the ROBOCON 2017 held at Pune developing a Frisbee shooter robot for completing a given task at the competition I completed PLC course to gain more knowledge on my PLC programming On holding two interns and projects in one semester with good academics I was Achieving Student Award for the year 2016 given by Department of Mechatronics Association I also have organized CAD model contest and Paper presentation As I was more interested in organizing and conducting events I was more enthusiastic in the field automation my final year project is on Automatic Sugarcane Bottling System 

The main concept is to automate the process from start to end thus to reducing the labour need My interest in pursuing masters began when I was watching Mega factories program in NAT Geo channel the spark urged me to learn more about machinery and its process in the field of engineering On receiving my bachelor's degree I d plan to continue my education by pursuing a master's degree in mechanical I am interested in wide range of topics such as Machine design robotics control and distributed systems PLC s automation fluid power sensors and would like to further extend my knowledge of concepts allied to these through a graduate program of study I was very much impressed with the reputation of the university and support of the institution towards students Therefore I found your university is the most appropriate place for me to develop my career goals Moreover I found your curriculum is best for what I seek I am preparing myself to build a firm foundation for my career I shall make the best out of it I believe your college will help me develop my knowledge in the field of my interest Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to express my passion towards the field of my interest I hope you will consider my candidature and would accept to help me seek my dreams

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