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My Leadership Philosophy Over the past 18 years I have observed and learned from numerous individuals ranging from Platoon Sergeants Installation Commanders CEO's and even Presidents of companies I have seen firsthand countless examples of extremely effective leadership and unfortunately I have seen many examples of poor leadership With that said I have taken snippets from all of these styles and developed my very own personal leadership objectives concentrating on three major objectives It is my goal and intention to always 1 Lead by Example 2 Communicate Effectively and 3 Mentor and Empower those that I lead and work alongside of LEAD BY EXAMPLE Mahatma Gandhi once said We must become the change we want to see My take on that is that in order to have others follow your lead you must be willing to set the example to be willing to do the right thing even when nobody's looking If I want men and women of integrity working for me I need to be a man of integrity If I want people to work hard then I must work hard If I want and expect the team to give their best then I will need to give my very best People are great judges of character and can also detect hypocrisy I will not ask you to do anything that I would not do myself I will ensure that my actions speak louder than my words I will work diligently at being a good role model for others to match while rewarding those that follow the example I will always give my all in hopes of inspiring those that I lead to do the same I will set the example EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION 

I will always provide clear and concise written and or verbal communication allowing time for questions ensuring we both are on the same page I feel clear and concise communication will avoid errors mistakes and any misunderstandings that may arise I will also challenge you to take time to think write and communicate in a manner that you would like to receive in return the Golden Rule so to speak In order to be the best leader possible I will also actively listen to what you are saying to me I do not have all of the answers therefore I will actively listen to your ideas and your point of view in hopes of working together to improve our organization I will not just understand the words or the message being communicated to me I will make every effort to understand how you feel about the message you are conveying I will ensure that I create an environment where everyone feels safe to express their ideas opinions and feelings without retaliation I will be candid not critical in my communication with you I will have a true open door policy encouraging openness and transparency while having an equally open mind MENTORSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT

To me mentorship and empowerment go hand in hand When you mentor others you are guiding others or empowering them to ultimately make their own decisions which is vital for their development into future leaders I have had the opportunity to work for great leaders who took the time out of their busy schedules to mentor me on various topics but they also corrected me when I was wrong I will provide regular feedback that is direct and constructive relative to your needs and the needs of the team Being an effective mentor is more than just sitting down with your personnel once or twice a year for reviews it is about having the trust in someone to talk about issues whenever they arise It is having a true open door policy but with an open mind I will mentor with the aforementioned principle in mind lead by example I will not be an effective mentor if my character comes into question I cannot empower someone to make sound decisions if I am not mentoring them in the right manner Additionally I will only empower others by delegating only decisions that I truly want those that I lead to make I will not ask anyone to make decisions that are inappropriate to their level of responsibility or beyond their ability and or comfort level I will never delegate an assignment and then in turn micromanage it I will however trust that the assignment is being handled and then verify upon completion

Additionally I will provide guidance and support as necessary and or requested I will critique but not criticize a delegated decision using it as a learning opportunity In short I would like to think of my role as coaching you towards success I will praise you for a job well done and coach you when you could have done better I will guide you down the right path and be there for you when you need me I will not give you the answers but I will guide you through the thought process COMMITMENT I have developed this philosophy to assist in guiding me as a leader I will constantly strive to consistently live out these principles I will ask that you hold me accountable when I fall short or waver off path Additionally I am committed to helping you grow as a person as a professional and as a leader focusing on developing and maximizing your potential My commitment to you is that I will give you my very best day in and day out I will continue to improve both personally and professionally while striving to grow as a leader Together we will be successful

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