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My opinion about health coverage is that it's a messed up and corrupt system that needs to be fixed immediately Health care will cover for the minimum of hospital bills in order to make a profit but still not seem like a bad guy by paying for someone's hospital bill In the 2007 documentary Sicko Michael Moore aimed to see what health care really covered for their patient s hospital bills Traveling between the US Canada the United Kingdom France and Cuba he investigated the health care system and how non universal and universal health care affected people To his discovery the United States was the only country still using the corrupted non universal for profit healthcare system Sicko shows brief clips of President Nixon and John Ehrlichman discussing the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 In their taped conversation Ehrlichman is heard saying the less care they give them the more money they make to which Nixon remarked fine and not bad This was the start of a very corrupt healthcare system John Quincy is a loving caring father who would do anything for his son When he saw his son fall during a baseball game he raced to the hospital to save his son's life John sold all of his things and even had neighbors help by bringing in donations to cover for his son s hospital stay When he learned that his son was going to be released and that nothing could be done for him besides some medicine he took measures into his own hands Holding the hospital hostage he would do anything to make sure his son kept receiving treatment and he would sacrifice himself to make sure his son got a new heart because his was enlarged 

The healthcare and insurance industry is portrayed correctly in the movie John Q when a nurse explains how when a patient has an HMO they pay a doctor to hide any diseases so that they won't have to cover for the patient's medical bills John Q was made in 2002 and the healthcare industry has revolutionized quite a bit since then because it has taught us that we can take matter into our own hands to change the healthcare industry Quite a bit has changed in the healthcare system and industry since this movie and documentary were made For instance long waiting time to receive medical attention has been reduced greatly As well as technological advances to detect heart problems kidney diseases and instruments to better examine patients Laws have been to passed to stop doctors from accepting money from HMO HMO s limit what a doctor can say to their patient in order to keep healthcare costs down Doctors get financial bonuses saving money by withholding care and talking about treatment options with their patients 

New laws have tried to restrict how HMOs are affecting healthcare but they managed to find a loophole I believe the healthcare system needs to be torn down completely and start a new one that is universal for the people HMOs need to stop paying doctors to hide treatment options and withhold care so they can do their job Doctors took the hippocratic oath which is a moral code for ethical conduct and practice in medicine that physicians doctors must take and abide by Some of which are keeping the patients records confidential do no harm and passing down the knowledge to the next doctor I believe quite a bit has to change in healthcare and insurance before all the damage that has been done can be reversed First of all HMOs have to stop paying doctors to keep medical costs by giving wrong medical opinions Insurance should cover more than the bare minimum and should not be finding ways to get out of paying for a person's medical bills For instance in the documentary Sicko insurance wouldn't cover for a woman s medical bills because she had a yeast infection and had failed to mention it and that might have been the underlying cause for her disease The character I sympathized with the most in the movie John Q was John himself because he showed he would do anything for his son no matter the consequences I was moved by when he said I am not going to bury my son My son is going to bury me He was ready to die for his son and give him his heart so he could live He was a strong man full of courage who wouldn't hurt a fly That is why when he took over the hospital with a gun it wasn't loaded The story from Sicko that had the biggest impact on me was of the two parents who had to sell their house and live with their kids

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