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My twins were almost two For two years I'd been wearing stretchy pants avoiding a closet full of clothes that were supposed to fit by now and constantly obsessing about my weight There were countless realistic weight loss goals set and calculations performed Two pounds a week for 15 weeks and this whole ordeal would be over So simple right Um no Does this sound familiar If so don t give up Sometimes it just takes a little shift in the way we approach weight loss to send that baby weight packing These are the 8 strategies I used to lose 30 pounds If I can do it so can you Track everything you eat You have to know how many calories you re taking in if you want to create a calorie deficit and there are a lot of great apps that help you with this I've heard good things about My Fitness Pal and it's free I use Weight Watchers Online which is a complete app and weight loss plan but membership is about 20 per month If you have a Fitbit the food tracking portion of the Fitbit app works well too If you can spare the 20 a month I highly recommend Weight Watchers And no you don't have to go to meetings Get a food scale A S A P It's really difficult to track food accurately if you don't have one of these Luckily they re pretty inexpensive Here's an affordable food scale from Amazon Understand that two pounds a week isn't a realistic weight loss goal 

That means skipping out on 1000 calories each and every day EVERY DAY I know This one hurts We all want to drop pounds fast but reaching your goal weight six months or a year from now is far better than never getting there Just aim to lose a few pounds each month Set goals that aren't focused on your weight POLITICIANS LIE LESS THAN YOUR SCALE The scale is a great tool for tracking long term weight loss That's about it Track food every day walk 10 miles a week run 50 miles a month those are examples of goals you control and they aren't impacted by salty meals or PMS Weigh in once a week to make sure you're moving in the right direction over a period of months but remember the scale doesn't give you real time feedback about your fat loss Take weekly pictures in an outfit that doesn't quite fit Sure the first photo isn't very fun but there is nothing more motivating than loose pants I did this weekly and every week I was sure I wouldn't see a difference I was always wrong Know that you will have bad days Your body will rebel against you after a few consecutive days of a calorie deficit THIS IS OK You ate a high calorie meal No biggie just make the next one better Your diet is never going to be perfect so master the art of forgiving yourself and moving on That s a better use of your time than pursuing perfection Have a daily to do list Create a list of little things to do before breakfast lunch and dinner It doesn't have to be exciting I make the beds get the mail go to the gym get groceries and other random chores 

A schedule helps you feel like you have a lunch break so you ll find yourself snacking less Just be careful not to put off meals for too long that's when you'll start reaching for the bad stuff Learn to run Please don't stop reading because I said the r word Learn to run You don't have to start out running an eight minute mile or even an 11 minute mile for that matter Running was an exercise I never saw myself doing I finally realized that jogging with the stroller was my only chance at cardio so I went for it I couldn't believe how quickly my body transformed Sure my weight stayed the same for a bit but my stomach flattened out and my thighs stop jiggling which was you know AWESOME If you despise me for even mentioning running you could also try Jillian Michael s 30 Day Shred I saw similar tummy flattening results when I did this workout We are not doomed to sport a mom pooch for all eternity Weight loss takes time and short term weight loss goals are the enemy These strategies will help you stay motivated and adopt some healthy lifestyle habits but you don't have to change your life overnight Set some new goals start tracking what you eat and you ll see results sooner than you think

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