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My yearning to be in this field was recently triggered In the year 2001 I was blessed with a baby sister She was born prematurely at only seven months We were told that there was a high chance that she would be deaf Later we came to realize that she was going to be the most intelligent of the four children my mother had After months of treatment my sister was finally released Despite her small size and weight she was a healthy baby Everything was going smoothly until about 2009 when she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism My family and I were shocked upon receiving this diagnosis because it was a rare disease for someone her age From then on it was endless visits to the hospital where she was tested and treated First they killed her thyroid then they prescribed her medicine to get her thyroid levels back to where they should be This was working fine until one morning she woke up only find that she could not feel her legs Watching her go from being a normal little girl to not being able to walk was traumatizing for me We took her to the emergency room where they told us that she had a bad reaction to the medicine and she would have to admitted into the hospital overnight That is where I was able to gain a special kind of respect for medical professionals

At first we mainly interacted with doctors It seemed like the doctors were mainly interacting with us to tell me what was wrong or to fix a particular aliment More recently I was granted the opportunity to shadow a doctor at a local hospital and I have realized that that path just isn t for me During this time I saw that the nurses were the ones who really got to know my sister The nurses were very talented in being able to recognize my sisters needs She now has take pills every day for the rest of her life but we know that without the diligent care and guidance we received from the nurses that she would be in a much worse place I have always prided myself on being able to recognize and address an individual's needs In 2015 I had a summer job at a Presence Resurrection Medical center where I would greet and walk or wheel patients to their appointments The more time I spent in the hospital the more I realized that when it came to patient care nurses saw much more than a disease I learned that each patient has unique needs and I prided myself not only on recognizing these needs but also helping the patient and family address these needs so that they will be able to obtain optimal health over their lifetime When the nurses were unavailable I took the role of a caregiver to my ill sister I want to become a nurse because I have a deep yearning to pursue a field that values others over oneself Through being able to care for my sister I gained some valuable ideals that a nurse should possess These are compassion patience and perseverance love people and I love families so I know with all the personal experiences I would have more to offer I have been the scared one on the other side When a family member or patient snaps it is because they are scared of the unknown As a nurse I will have the opportunity to be the one explaining and comforting patients and their families This is what propelled me into the field of nursing Throughout my college years I took jobs in customer service where I was granted the joy of exchanging smiles with strangers and striking conversations with various personalities During this time I strengthened my people skills I am able to tell when someone is lost or is in need of assistance My most recent job has been at a tutoring center which taught me many leadership skills as well as how to be a team member I learned that being apart of a team is about working together and bettering the team's performance as a whole

This is also my outlook on nursing It takes the work of everyone in the hospital to make the patient feel better holistically Through these personable experiences I have realize that there are many parallels between my skills and that of a future nurse A nursing degree will benefit me career wise by allowing me to use my people skills and my serving heart in a place that truly requires it I am currently in my last semester before graduating with my associates degree Continuing my education at Resurrection University would mean that I would be able to move forward in my career and do something that can benefit me both mentally and socially I know that anything worth having requires a lot of hard work and I am willing to put all my time into this program With the help of this degree I will be able to reach the best version of myself through learning about how to care for others Being able to pursue this BSN degree would mean that I would be granted the ability to become the most effective nurse I can be

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