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Analysis of To Build a Fire, Jack London.

Intensive Academic Writing and Research. Analysis of To Build a Fire, Jack London, January 12, 1876, November 22, 1916, was an American author journalist and social activist who spent a significant time of his young life mining for gold in the arctic north, therefore he mainly used cold and snowy places such as Alaska and Canada as settings in his novels and stories. After coming up against life’s brutal face as a gold prospector in the Yukon he thought that all the modern conveniences which civilization provided had turned everyone men in particular, into lazy individuals who had no idea how to survive from the harsh and brutal side of nature. He also refused to use ideological or political messages racial or otherwise. As two London scholars observe. A committed socialist he insisted against editorial pressures to write political essays and insert social criticism in his fiction. One of his most known stories: To Build a Fire, which is not overtly political or racial, tells the tragic story of a man whose purpose is to travel with his dog to get to his friends through harsh and hostile environment of the Yukon, under freezing temperatures and falls victim to unforgiving, and the unrelenting power of nature.

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