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Nervous system Nervous system is a complex network of nerves and cells that carry impulses to and from the brain and spinal cord to various parts of the body The nervous system includes both the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous system Central Nervous System The central nervous system consists of the brain spinal cord The brain plays a central role in the control of most bodily functions including awareness movements thoughts speech and memory Some reflex movements can occur via spinal cord pathways without participation of brain structures The spinal cord is connected to a section of the brain called the brainstem and runs through the spinal canal Cranial nerves exit the brainstem Nerve roots exit the spinal cord to both sides of the body The spinal cord carries impulses back and forth between the brain and the peripheral nerves The peripheral nervous system PNS is the division of the nervous system containing all the nerves that lie outside of the central nervous system CNS The primary role of the PNS is to connect the CNS to the organs limbs and skin These nerves extend from the central nervous system to the outermost areas of the body The peripheral system allows the brain and spinal cord to receive and send information to other areas of the body which allows us to react to stimuli in our environment

The peripheral nervous system itself is divided into two parts The somatic nervous system The autonomic nervous system Qa https www verywell com what is the peripheral nervous system 2795465 The somatic nervous system The somatic nervous system is sometimes referred to as the voluntary nervous system because many of its actions are under conscious control The somatic nervous system includes SENSORY NEURONS RELAY NEURONS MOTOR NEURONS Sensory Neurone Sensory neuron transmits impulses from the receptors to Central Nervous System It involves collecting information from sensory receptors that monitor the body's internal and external conditions to The Central Nervous System Relay Neuron Relay neuron carry impulses from one part of CNS to another It makes connections between neurones inside the CNS Motor Neurone Motor neuron sends tiny electrical impilses to the effector cells to response the stimuli How is a stimulus responsed when a person accidentally touches a hot iron When the stimulus is activated by a person touching a hot iron the receptor cells sends impulses by the help sensory neurons to the

Central Nervous System and the impulses which are carried from sensory neuron are transmitted to relay neuron in the CNS now the relay neurons sends the information to the motor neurons and transmits impulses to the effctor cells which now prepares the response to the stumulus which the person withdraws its hand quickly from a hot iron Stimulus Reecptor Sensory Neurone Relay Neurone Motor Neurone Effector Response https www google co uk search q sensory neuron The autonomic nervous system The autonomic nervous system is often referred to as the involuntary nervous system because it enables the functioning of internal organs without conscious control The autonomic nervous system controls involuntary responses but it is possible to gain some voluntary control over these responses Emptying the bladder and opening the anal sphincter are examples of activities that are controlled by autonomic nervous system but can be brought under voluntary control through a process of learning called conditioning The autonomic nervous system has two distinct parts which are THE SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM which maintains the body s function on a day to day basis and THE SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM which prepares the body to react in emergency situations 8 Cardiac cycle Genetic diseases of nervous system

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