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New information to stop drug use of minors When they find who is using drugs they can find where they are getting it from and eliminate it This will create a drug free community Drug free communities are much safer and productive than communities with drugs This can help stop drugs altogether as if every community eliminated the supplier there would be no way to get drugs When one is caught using drugs the school could provide them with assistance in stopping which they wouldn't have been able to do otherwise This can help more students stop their addiction and not have problems because of it in college and adulthood Point 2 It encourages a healthier lifestyle for students Less drug use A NIDA funded study published in 2013 found evidence of lower marijuana use in the presence of school drug testing drugabuse gov This proves that drug testing works at getting students to stop using drugs like marijuana Christina A Samuels states Sixteen percent of students subject to drug testing in the study reported using substances covered by their district s testing program in the past 30 days compared to 22 percent of comparable students in schools without the program Saumuels This study was one of the largest ever done with 4 700 students over 7 states With this many students a six percent difference is huge This study was conducted by the Institute of Education Sciences Since there is a much higher chance they will get caught it encourages them to not try drugs in the first place If they don't try it in the first place they won't be able to get addicted This stops addiction issues the would have to face later in their life This helps students resist peer pressure Students would now have a reason to say no to drugs This would stop even more people from trying drugs in the first place 

It creates a safe environment Schools are meant to make students feel safe which does not happen when drugs are around Students are much more effective when they are able to learn in a safe environment How drugs are harmful How drugs affects those who don't do drugs There is a correlation between drug use and violence and if drug use in schools would go down so would violence Someone who does not do drugs would most likely still be affected from the violence that comes with drugs They could be pressured to try drugs even if they don't want to How drugs affects those who do drugs Drugs are especially bad for teenagers Drugs cause damage to major organs like the brain heart etc Drugs also harm students ability to play sports and their performance in school Drugs could prevent students from getting into the college or job they wanted which will affect the rest of their lives According to the CDC Excessive alcohol use led to approximately 88 000 deaths and 2 5 million years of potential life lost YPLL each year in the United States from 2006 2010 CDC Alcohol is one of the most abused drugs by teenagers even though it is very harmful Availability of Drugs in schools Additionally 44 of high school students knew a student who sold drugs at their school centerofaddiction org This proves how available drugs are in schools 36 said it was easy for students to use drugs drink or smoke during the school day without getting caught centerofaddiction org

This shows how it is easy for more than a third of teens to use drugs during school This needs to change and the only way to is to have mandatory drug tests Counter Arguments When they say that drug testing is an invasion of privacy we can say that you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide When they say drug testing is unethical we can say it is ethical as we can provide help to those who are addicted to drugs who would not have gotten any help without it If they say drug testing to minors specifically is unethical we can say if they are old enough to do drugs they are old enough to be tested for them When they say drug testing is too expensive we can say that there are cheap options for drug testing and can you put a price tag on a child's life When they say the money used on drug testing could be used in other places we can say is there a better way to use money than to save children's lives If they say it's illegal or unconstitutional we can say In a 2002 Supreme Court case the court voted 5 4 to allow for random drug tests for all middle and high school students participating in competitive extracurricular activities Tomo Drug Testing

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