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I have a been a Head of New Product Development Department at Zorka jewellery factory based in Minsk for 1 year I have been promoted to managerial position after I have worked as a product manager in the same company for 3 years I have been hired by a previous CEO of the company and during my promotion a new CEO of the company has been introduced Since the arrival of a new CEO all the procedures of communication has been changed Zorka company is a large organization 700 employees including head office and production and since arrival of a new CEO he made it strictly hierarchical organization with introduction of new top managers Decision making process has been changed dramatically and became very restricted As a head of new product development I have been responsible for launching new products My responsibilities included providing market research coming up with ideas for new collections liaising with a team of 2D and 3D designers finding the suppliers providing frameworks for promotion strategies to be implemented by a marketing team When I have been promoted new CEO started to bring his own people to the board Situation 2 I had a timeline to follow for launching products that has been approved one year before At one time I have been working towards launching of 3 new collections each has been on a different stage of production process For the first few weeks I have been working on a normal regime while the new team members with a CEO started to introduce new levels of decision making process new rules new detailed manuals that have to be followed at different stages I have tried to follow the following procedures but all processes took a long time 

One of the stages included negotiating the budget for supply materials with a new finance director Negotiation with a finance director didn t result in a positive outcome as he from his side was keen on minimizing spend rather than taking care on new launch However the amount had been negotiated half a year ago and in any sense I could not find a different supplier with lower costs in a short period of time the valuable information I didnt say to him He told me that he is not interested in investing in new launches he would rather focus on allocating the budget on a core range that has higher amount of profit All I could say that the new team doesn t care about the new launch and that all the work that has been done towards the projects before is taken for granted These words made me more angry and at that time I felt that he made this decision based on personal assumption rather than for organizational goals Than he continued a one way conversation in a high voice and I could not find any arguments as I was lost and stressed Instead of continuing constructive conversation I have just slammed the door and left 

After that I have started to cope with the a problem on my own I realize that my emotionality was a barrier that disconnected me from careful listening as I didn t pay attention to what he was saying Afterwards I could not negotiate my problem with anyone from other departments although I could not go myself to CEO directly After a few weeks of trying to find urgent solutions I didn t manage neither to find a new supplier nor negotiate agreed budget All these led to failure of deadlines and postponed the launch of other 2 new collections as all the efforts have been allocated to a different direction Analysis and what would I do differently This situation can be considered as a conflict that could have been prevented if I acted differently If the appropriate measures have been taken the conversation might have been different and conflict will be avoided Martin and Fellenz 2017 stated that one of the most common way of resolving the conflict is a conflict prevention that can result in eliminating open conflict

Contingency approach to organizational conflict suggests that conflicts within the organizations can not be avoided however a little amount can lead to employees apathy while too much of conflict result in demotivation and stress Rollinson 2008 However in organizations it is complicated to measure balanced amount of conflicts that can result in positive impact on organizational goals and performance Overall this work situation in which I have participated is a good example of how conflicts with a negative outcome can result in failing of achieving organizational goals thus should be minimized in a working environment First of all I had to overcome my emotions this could have been achieved by asking for some time out calm down and continue the conversation in a more constructive way with constructive arguments Ostell et al 1999

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