Essay Example on Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell Review








Throughout generations people stereotyped the idea that men will always be superior than women George Orwell changed the idea by making Winston a weak character who wanted to alway serve big brother In 1984 Orwell uses the female characters transform the way a male to act by acting as a compelling force Orwell starts off with the character Winston who is described as weak This goes against the usual concept of a main character who would be strong and the hero of a story In his society Winston characterize an average person in a society built on fear and hate He always obeys the rules because he comprehends the idea that big brother has power If he was to defy the government it could mean his death Winston was not recognized as a man until later in the novel when he breaks free and denies his allegiance to big brother Winston would have continued his allegiance to big brother and doing his job by deleting history if it had not been for the women in his life Winston s mother his wife and Julia each played a special role in Winston's life to insurrection and search for freedom As each woman is introduced it sends him closer and closer into a state of rebellion of big brother and needing to escape their control

Winston s mother passed away when he was little Winston feels guilty for what had happened to his mother and is the first point in which the reader is able to see how women influenced his life He wanted to find a way to be able to relieve his guilt that cause a distance between him and big brother Another female character in the novel is his wife He was married before the novel takes place and his wife is no longer in the picture His wife was a woman who believed in the party that influenced many of Winston s decisions that was made throughout the novel The most important female character in the novel is Julia Julia is the person who has the most influence over Winston during his adventure to rebellion against the government She made him realize that he is unhappy under the power of big brother This is why he begins to rebel so much in the novel These women are the most influential people in the novel Each woman has a different personality to show how they influenced Winton Winston s mother had the stereotypical weakness of a woman and never did anything She ended up being killed for being weak Winston believes that he is responsible for her death His guilt was hard on him and made him think unquestionable thoughts His thought crime started the beginning of his rebellion Another stereotypical roles of women is obedience Katherine was beautiful but is hated by Winston because of her cold heart Katherine was always obedient to big brother Katherine said sex is for creation purposes and that it was their duty to do so

This helped encouraged Winston to rebel and his thought crimes became more frequent Winston allows both his mother and his wife actions to affect his life He uses his feelings to feed on his curiosity and seek a freedom Although all three of the women play key roles in Winston s rebellion Julia is the main influence in his life She is a free spirited and rebellious women Julia is the exact opposite of Winston Winston wants to be like Julia and this is how he is able to gain courage Julia was able to turn Winston into someone brave who follows what he believes in She is a symbol of the rebellion Winston was able to think for himself when he is around Julia and builds up his hatred towards big brother Winston was able to express to her his innermost thoughts All of his drudge guilt shame and hatred toward big brother followed his life Julia becomes the only place where he felt free Orwell made Julia compelling force that taught Winston how to be a man Julia became a symbol of hope in this society and then became a symbol of defeat Orwell finished the book saying big brother always wins and defeating Winston when he is captured After being separated Winston still believes that he can stand up for himself he is broken after being in big brother s torture room He ask the party to put Julia in his place Any remaining love he had for Julia is replaced with an inhuman love for big brother all because of the torture room Any hope he had with Julia is now lost forever The government had won and fear will rule After the defeat of Julia Winston went back to his old obedient ways just like everyone else under big brother s rule Winston was able to understand freedom and bravery when he was with Julia Without Julia in his life big brother was all he had Orwell s creative and how the women within his novel ended up allowing the main character to find his own free will His purpose of rebellion toward his society was highlighted by the female influence carried on in his life Society s opinion of women being weak was disproved in this novel With the women in his life Winston became the hero and a man but was destroyed by society Through his guilt of his mother s death Katherine s lacking of emotions and Julia s support for rebellion Winston learned to become a man Big brother destroyed all hope and free will when they broke Julia and Winston The novel ended with totalitarian government supremacy with the absence of women

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