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Spain a country located in southwestern Europe's iberian Peninsula

Spain a country located in southwestern Europe's iberian peninsula where 46 56 million people reside since founded in 1942 Spain is filled with stone castles sophisticated cities making it a favourable destination for travelers Spain is a geographically and culturally diverse country Latest news in spain The Spanish Civil War started in July 1936 between the leftists republicans who were in government at the time and the right wing nationalists who were led by the army and had support from the catholic church large landowners and monarchists There were tons of issues that led to the outbreak of spain s civil war the greatest of them was a long period of decline that spain suffered since the spanish empire In 1930 spain lost all of their empire and was lagging behind the rest of europe industrially The monarchy was overthrown and a second empire was created in the same year But this government proved to be completely incapable of maintaining law and order and carrying out reforms Divisions continued to widen between towns and many areas wanted to have their own government and wanted independence from the rest of spain The church was one of the most powerful forces in spain and it was opposed to the republican government Violence was always arising during democratic elections Often the results were altered to due to intimidation threats and other tactics Spain was ready to explode and the start of the Civil War was the assassination of the right wing leader Calvo Sotelo in july 1936 The war was horrific and there was interference from other countries mainly because the war was a fight between left and right fractions

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