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North Korea is viewed for obvious reasons as a threat to global welfare Discussions about North Korea typically polarize around protecting other countries but protection of human rights for North Korean Citizens is not a highly prioritized subject Though most of the population an estimated 70 experiences severe food insecurity and another significant portion lacks daily access to clean water little is done to help these crisis-stricken people North Korea s national income ranks it as a third world country It is truly unfortunate that world leaders especially those affiliated with the United States cannot look past the looming threat of Kim Jong Uns despotic regime to help the suffering people trapped in North Korea This objective is both possible and morally pressing The UN has chartered a declaration of human rights that denounces and directly prohibits many of the inherent qualities of Uns regime In order to support ailing citizens of another country in following the council of the UN and in upholding its own interest in and for democracy and social liberty the United States ought to offer a bilateral trade agreement to North Korea 

Not only is the solution to this problem pragmatic and cost beneficial it s solvency has been tested in the past Consider that the de escalation of the nearly violent conflict between the PRC and Taiwan was due in large part to a bilateral trade agreement called the Economic Framework Cooperation Agreement Economic benefits posited for China through this agreement led to more political and thus trade freedom for Taiwan essentially resulting in advantageous outcomes for both parties Countries with freer and more robust economies also tend to have a greater range of civil liberties which means that a trade agreement could solve for deprivation of the UN established right to travel and seek asylum as well as the lack of the right to life itself The United States has the perfect agency to broker a deal with North Korea the US Trade Representative This section of the cabinet created to promote US interests abroad has solved a multiplicity of international problems including promoting the United States right to fair trade during the Obama administration which furthered both the goals of the UN All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law and the US by opening up new opportunities for American trade

A bilateral trade agreement designed and implemented by the US Trade Representative could help to solve myriad humanitarian issues Another possibility is the employment of the USAID United States Agency for International Development This agency was created to bail out and give aid to struggling foreign countries There are political side effects that benefit the US such as increased citizen support for democracy in some areas The USAID organization has actively worked to end hunger through famine prevention and food shipments This is an obvious solution to violations of essential human rights in North Korea Sending USAID employed civilians into North Korea may seem like a radical idea but USAID has in the past sent workers into politically unstable and hostile countries Though the risks are considerable the benefits are gargantuan Over three hundred million people have been helped by US food aid and it is entirely possible to add the inhabitants of North Korea to that tally Overall it seems that using USAID to save North Korean lives would directly fulfill UN initiatives Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well being of himself and of his family including food and US interests such as appreciation or affection for the US from foreign governments and citizens

A final option to help North Korean citizens is the Peace Corps This army of civilian volunteers has worked over a course of years to solve humanitarian crises around the globe From 2001 to 2004 the Peace Corps helped to alleviate hunger by promoting sustainable forms of agriculture This group has worked to change individual cultures around the globe and with a more ambitious vision and a larger budget could contribute greatly to the quest to save North Korean citizens Though the Peace Corps has little to do with countries with anti American sentiments at the moment it s nothing that extra training couldn t fix By helping to promote agriculture the Peace Corps has upheld the UN s call for equal right to life US interests in the face of this situation are mainly based around political repolarization and American popularity in the region North Korean leaders have become ever more irrational but this ought not distract American Citizens from the daily atrocities experienced by citizens of Kim s country As illustrated this humanitarian crisis can and must come to an end All that is required is an increase in funding to any one of these programs a simple budget reallocation Look at the tremendous military spending of the US Compare that to the amount of the federal budget set aside every year to shuck out to organizations like USAID The contrast is striking Pennies to every dollar are spent on foreign assistance programs If Congress was to up the funds given to non profit agencies the UN would barely have to remind members of the global community to stand up for themselves A bilateral trade agreement is a multifaceted jewel because it solves humanitarian crises and dissolves violent animosity

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