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Many people in Northeastern Pennsylvania experience nigiri sushi from grocery stores Nigiri is a sushi consisting of a small ball of rice topped with raw fish or there type of seafood You could also have wasabi in them too If you think it is authentic nigiri sushi it is not Step by step I will explain how to make fresh authentic nigiri sushi Once you eat this authentic nigiri sushi you will not want to go back to eating nigiri sushi from the grocery store Now the things you need to make this authentic fresh nigiri sushi will be listed below Fresh Fish from a Fish Market that can be used for sushi Rice Cooker A bag of white rice Knife Cutting Board Seaweed Kitchen Strainer Bowl Plates What you want to do first is wash your dirty hands with soap and warm water for as long as you count your abc s 

After you wash your hands setup everything that you need on the kitchen table however you want to but make sure you know where everything is The next thing you want to do is open the rice and put however much rice you want to use to make the sushi in the bowl In the bowl of rice put water in it to wash out the rice until the water is cloudy and strain the water out Repeat this process until the water is clear After that put the rice into the rice cooker with the amount of water you need for the amount of rice you have and turn on the rice cooker The cooking takes about thirty minutes so while you wait you will cut the fish For starters please be careful to not cut yourself with the knife you have First cut the tip of the fish off The tip is like a triangular shape The piece is tender so it is not difficult to cut off Next you slice a layer off of the fish it should be about an inch below where you sliced the tip off the fish After that you will have to remove the tendon from the fish You should be able to see a tendon It looks like a line running diagonally from the top of your fish down towards the skin To remove it slice the piece of fish in half lengthwise cutting down near the skin

Avoiding cutting the skin since it contains tendons To do that pull the fish to one side and use your knife to separate the it from the tendon near the bottom Also you should remove the other half of the fish piece from the skin by holding your knife parallel to the skin Slide the knife between the the tendon and the meat of the fish Now for the two pieces of fish you have you will cut the fish for a nigiri sushi Get one of the fish pieces and slice the end of the piece so its at a 45 degree angle Place your knife one fourth inch away from the end of the piece and slice down at an angel Continue to do this until you sliced up the whole piece Do the same thing to the other piece of fish you have This should take about twenty to thirty minutes When you get done cutting the fish at about the same time your rice should be done Take out however much rice you need for the nigiris that you will make out the rice cooker onto a plate Get a small portion of the rice and make it into an oval shape The oval shape should have a height of three fourth of an inch width of three fourth of an inch and length of about two and a half inches 

After you are done with making the oval shape grab a piece of fish and put it right on top of the rice If you want you could also have some wasabi smeared on top of the rice and then put the fish on the top of that Now continue to do that with the rest of the pieces of fish you have left and you will have your nigiri sushi Nigiri sushi is very popular to be eaten with soy sauce If you want you could use soy sauce as a sauce and give it a try if you have never had nigiri sushi with soy sauce Once you have tried this fresh authentic nigiri sushi you will never want to go back to the grocery store to buy yourself some nigiri sushi These were the ways on how to make fresh authentic nigiri sushi step by step You guys will never know how real nigiri sushi taste until you try to make yourself some This will change your mind about all the nigiri sushis that you have eaten before

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