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Since I am talking about the games industry it is necessary to point out how is it going so far now For this I will state some key statistics to introduce to you the games industry According to statistics found by UKIE The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment that in August 2017 there are more than 2 000 active games companies in the UK UKIE 2017 notable companies from the UK are Rockstar Games North and Traveller's Tales and in terms of consumership the UK is quite active when it comes to games such as Grand Theft Auto which is developed by Rockstar Games North the game sold millions and UKIE said GTA5 was the top selling game of all time in the UK which accumulated more than 240m pounds from more than 6 million physical copies sold UKIE 2017 which leads on to the games market and the UK is the 5th largest video game market in 2017 when it comes to consumers after China USA Japan and Germany UKIE 2017 Now what do these statistics mean to us these statistics are necessary to show what the games industry is like so far in terms of consumer ship the industry is strong but let's focus on the games industry itself so what makes the games industry Companies can be varied from small to large games companies to indie developing teams to 50 100 developers in a team the games industry is doing well in terms of employment plus there are many major companies that employ developers So far in 2017 the games industry does seem to be taking a hit especially from Brexit according to Clare McDonald from ComputerWeekly about 15 of UK games development staff are from the EU which show issues that after Brexit it will be difficult to find skilled workers McDonald 2017 this is one thing that the games industry encounters with 

Skill skills are necessary to do well in a job it helps you become what you are and in the games industry there seems to be a lack of these skills that are essential for the job such as the ability to code development cycles ability to test and etc but what these skills are essential for game making and that is partly due to the fact that there aren't that many people going to STEM related subjects in GCSE or A Level or another fact that there aren't that many courses related to Games Engineering and that's because they are mainly based in places like London Since Article 50 has been launched this means Britain will leave Brexit and bear in mind that 15 of the games industry s workforce is from the EU so that means there will be a loss of employees for the industry which will hurt the progress that it has been making According to TIGA around 75 of games companies predict that the costs probably will rise at 2017 and some say that consumer prices would increase because of Brexit McDonald 2017 The games industry in recent years especially last year has been growing UKIE has said that 2016 was the biggest year for games software because the sales had exceeded 3bn from Digital and Online sales it has increased by 11 1 in sales UKIE 2017 the games industry has been doing well so far and such things such as PC Hardware for Games have been increasing in sales due to the rise of Esports which is a sport that relies on playing computer games and it has been recognised as a sport in countries like South Korea and also dues to the sudden trend of VR Games which triggered the sales of PC Games Hardware by 64 3 UKIE 2017

For games iOS is the trending platform to develop games Juan Mateos Garcia 2014 then multiplatform is also trending as many also have Android and iOS phones roughly 50 75 companies also develop games for the PC then some companies also develop for other smartphones such as Blackberry after that few develop with portables and consoles also have the same amount of companies developing games for the field and a very small amount of companies develop for other niche platforms such as Raspberry Pi for example From what I also found out from one of my sources that almost 90 percent of the video games companies in NESTA s dataset started operating after 2000 The growth in the number of companies between 2011 and 2013 around 22 percent per year was almost 15 times as fast as the UK economy overall Juan Mateos Garcia 2014 We can see from this graph that since the release of the App Store in 2007 many iOS games companies have started in the late 2000 s to the early 2010 s which is in relation with the graph because not just the amount of game companies have started to rise but also the rise of iOS games companies Juan Mateos Garcia 2014 

Below this paragraph we can see a table where most of the games companies are at for example we can see that London and the South East dominates the sample with percentages like 29 8 and 18 2 Juan Mateos Garcia 2014 Despite this the North of England especially the North West Manchester and Liverpool contribute as well to the games in the UK with 8 8 of the total games companies in the UK Juan Mateos Garcia 2014 In the North East for example doesn't seem to have a lot of games companies as they contribute to 2 6 of the total From this map of the UK and the years next to them you can see a rise of games companies in the UK around the whole country as the year s increase From this graph we can see that London is the strongest when it comes to iOS games companies then Brighton Manchester Liverpool etc

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