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Nowadays progress is an important agenda in life to meet the common requirements and needs of every human being As well as the intrigue of human beings who want to create something that can improve itself life and the working culture However the existing product in market does not necessary solve the problem and not for all the problems Quality of the production is the most importance thing and the cheap cost to solve the problem Today s construction world the accumulation of all documents is very importance for the future use These important documents should be kept as good as possible and will be used as evidence for any other work The collection of documents means of the documents will be collecting without any missing documents everywhere The disappearance of the documents such as the permit should be avoided to facilitate the process of closing the permit The use of organized boxes can reach zero per cent of the associated documents is missing and cannot be regained Based on observation for the process of closing the RFI Request For Inspection need to attached all the permit that include to the RFI for example PTW Permit To Work PTE Permit To Excavate if have any excavation work Night Shift Work Permit Transportation Permit drawing attach and cover MST Method of Statement Basically the permit does not return back in other words the permit is missing 

To close the RFI many processes to be dealt such as the permit should be signed by consultants person in charge safety department and workers upon completion of any works that mention in the permit After the signed complete process to close the RFI become easy and smooth The RFI that wants to close need to send to the document control for compile and uploading to the ACONEX system The permit always missing by sub contractor because they don t have any boxes or file to compile the permit and they don t have responsibility to handle the permit carefully Its can make a long time process to close the RFI because without any evidence for RFI Request For Inspection closing RFI cannot be done and QAQC Team have a target to closing the RFI by 15th every month Therefore as a solution for the missing permit by produce solution box that made from construction waste By using construction waste can reduce cost and can make a recycle from construction waste Besides that its also can reduce the construction waste such as the formwork because the solution box will be produce by material from formwork like plywood Scope of research is focus to how far the effectiveness of the solution box for process closing RFI Request For Inspection

The production of this solution box is made from construction waste such as plywood This solution box also come with log book to record the RFI send by sub contractor and person in chase This product produce to make easy in compile the document attached such as PTW Permit To work RFI Request For Inspection and another permit Its also help to make a easily way to put all the permit properly without missing Effectiveness of the solution box will be identify by questioner at the construction area and site office by 4 person from sub contractor 10 persons from operation team and 10 persons from QA QC team Important of this study is make the working flow for closing the permit such as PTW Permit To Work PTE Permit To Excavate Night Shift Work Permit and all the permit become easy and arranged Besides that it will help to decrease of the missing permit in site and site office This also make a easy way to compile the permit by using construction waste and don t need use the new materials This Literature Review involves the collection of information and data derived from reading materials such as journals books and the internet Due to observed in the process of closing the RFI Request For Inspection or collecting all the documents as an attachment find that the documents to be included with RFI for the closing process will be lost on the person in charge careless

This may cause the RFI closure process take some time and will cause progress to the closure of RFI will be pending Otherwise if the attachment to the RFI is lost the attachment will be reproduced as before and must be complete with the signature of the safety and health consultant and person in charge for the work specified in the attachment The purpose of creating a solution box from the construction material is to reduce the problems associated with the RFI closing process where the solution box will simplify the collection of attachments related with the work written in the RFI The proportions for attachments to be attached to the RFI closure process will be reduced Box solution is produced using construction waste such as plywood to create formwork The plywood will be recycled to make the solution box without costly use This solution box will be stored in the office and at site After complete the works specified in the permit or RFI and complete signed by the relevant party RFI and the permit shall be placed into the box solution and there will be someone who will take the attachment together with RFI The person responsible for taking all such documents is the site supervisor or person in charge for the RFI Figure 2 2 and 2 3 shown the permit to work General and this permit need to fill in before start any works at site This permit also need to check comment and sign by Safety and Health Manager or Safety and Health Officer After sign PIC can take the permit and start the work at site After the work at site complete PIC need to check and make sure all the sign part is completed before bring back to the office for the next level

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