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Nuclear Medicine is the use of radioactive substances that help identify and treat multiple diseases by determining their severity and the patient's response to treatment Scientists believe that it first came to be sometime between the years of 1934 and 1946 During the year of 1934 radioactivity was first discovered and in 1946 the first radionuclides were produced Mandal History of Nuclear Medicine This branch of medicine was first used just to cure cancer as radioactive Iodine 131 but was later spread and used to cure other diseases It wasn t until 1971 and 1972 that nuclear medicine became an official medical use and had its own board Radiology is the study and use of radiation x rays and other scans to help treat diseases This is a very specialized career that requires a lot of training and understanding of radiation for the safety and well being of others Radiologist go through multiple years of specific schooling and training to acquire the knowledge needed for the field One must be certified by American Board of Radiology if they want to become a medical doctor or by the American Osteopathic Board of Radiology if they want to be an Osteopathic doctor What does a radiologist do This is an important career for the health care system because this branch of medicine is more advanced than others which allows us to cure more diseases If one has a question about radiation therapy or anything related to nuclear medicine they should consult their concerns with a radiologist They will make sure one receives the best treatment for their situation and see it through with the patient 

Radiology is a big thing at the moment but we don't have a proper way to control it and to get rid of it's waste properly If this isn't fixed this branch of medicine could possibly be suspended Nuclear Medicine Imaging came to be thanks to the help of Cassen s scanner and Anger s Camera Up to this date doctors still use tracers and scanners for NMI These tracers can be either injected swallowed or inhaled If one is uncomfortable with needles they should refer to another method The radiopharmaceuticals also known as radiotracers Nuclear Medicine Radiochemistry Society can detect the molecular activity present in the body Therefore allowing one to use scanners highly developed cameras and computers to detect the radiation given off by the gamma rays that were created to make out an image of the inside These images are called Single Photon Emission Computed Topography SPECT CT and Positron Computed Tomography PET CT The doctor is very selective on the radiotracers given to ensure that the patient is exposed to sufficient radiation to get accurate results A SPECT involves the use of a rotating camera to generate the construction of a 3D image of the radionuclide inside the body Mandal Nuclear Medicine Analysis NMIs are very helpful in the sense that they provide one with a highly developed visual of the disease through the inside of the patient Hyperthyroidism is one of the many diseases nuclear medicine helps cure This disease is can be caused by Graves disease and lead to an overactive thyroid gland starts producing too much thyroxine hormones Some of the symptoms given off are sudden weight loss irritability and irregular heartbeats Hyperthyroidism overactive thyroid It can be rather difficult to determine if you have hyperthyroidism because it shares symptoms with a lot of other sickness and diseases especially as you get older 

This can be treated with a small dose of I 131 and it's usually swallowed Nuclear Medicine It then enters the bloodstream and makes its way to the affected thyroid gland and starts getting rid of the affected cells The results of its effect take about 3 6 months to be noticeable but usually the patient only requires one dose it's a rare occasion when they need more than one Once they are cured the radioactivity takes about a few days for it to disappear from the inside of the body Most people tend to respond well to having this disease diagnosed even those whose thyroid gland had to be completely removed Although Nuclear Medicine is very beneficial every good thing still has its pros and cons For starters it helps doctors diagnose seriously harmful diseases at any stage whether it is an early detection or a late one On the other hand it is very expensive to maintain and operate the machines required So if you are considering it make sure you know what you are walking into because you don't want to be in debt the rest of your life for an operation Plus too much exposure to nuclear treatment can lead to health risks specifically in elderly s pregnant women and those of young age therefore after treatment is highly recommended 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Medicine Although it's very rare one can get an allergic reaction to the use of nuclear medicine If not used properly it can also cause radiation cancer in the health of patients because of the radiation already being produced Pros and Cons of Nuclear Medicine Nothing in this world is perfect so even though this branch of medicine is very helpful it doesn't guarantee much

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