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Theme and Connection First read these example from Life is Beautiful Notice that each answer is a full paragraph not too short and not too long Summary In the film Life is Beautiful all Guido wants is to live a happy and free life with his wife and son BUT One day he was taken by Nazis and relocated to a concentration camp At the camp Guido tries his best to make his son as comfortable and safe as possible pretending the whole thing is a game During the climax the war has ended and Guido is trying to escape the concentration camp Unfortunately he is executed The story resolves with his son Joshua being rescued by the Allies and then reunited with his mother Dora The final shot is Joshua yelling We won because he thinks the game is over and that they won the game Theme A theme in Life is Beautiful is love In the movie Guido consistently shows how much he loves his son The reason that life is beautiful is because even in the most horrendous conditions Guido always shows his son love and compassion Another example of love is when Dora gets on the train to go to the concentration camp even though she is not Jewish just so she can be with her family 

This also demonstrates sacrifice and selflessness I also say it is about love because the Nazis were void of love They showed hatred towards Jewish people In short the moral of the story is to show love to all people no matter what their religion or race is Connection Life is Beautiful is about anti semitism which means hatred against Jewish people During WWII an estimated 6 million or more Jewish people were killed executed eliminated during the holocaust This is known as cultural genocide This movie reminds me of another movie about cultural genocide entitled Hotel Rwanda This movie is about a true story that happened in Rwanda a country in Africa It was a cultural genocide There was a mass slaughter of the Tutsi people by the Hutu majority government Many of the Tutsis were refugees from Uganda The reason I connect these two movies is because they both demonstrate how one cultural group can believe it is superior than another group Both movies are historical fiction and both movies teach us a lesson about the destruction of lives that can occur when one group believes it is superior or dominant The lesson in both situations is to believe in equality to live and let live to accept our differences Write a short summary of the entire novel IMPORTANT the summary should only be 5 8 sentences long Only include important parts of the plot e g Anne Marie s family wanted to but the central problem so how did they try to solve the problem on the boat what happened at the climax then how the problem was solved at the end how did the story end This story took place in WWII Annmarie and her sister Kristies life has changed a lot after WWII started 

Their sister Lise had been killed in a car accident two weeks before her wedding Annmarie is faced with the knowledge that the Nazis are beginning to relocate the Jews in her city Ellen Rosen a neighbor and school friend of Annemarie s is Jewish Through a series of small acts of bravery Annemarie and her family help the Rosens escape into neighboring Sweden in a boat with a false bottom operated by Annemarie s Uncle Henrik Annemarie is called upon to ensure the Jews safe passage when she has to deliver a package to Henrik in the dark because her mother has broken her ankle and cannot walk Annemarie successfully delivers the package and only later learns what could have happened had she not been able to dodge the soldiers who stop her in the woods Once the war is over Annemarie s parents tell her that her older sister Lise was part of the resistance movement and was killed for it Annemarie realizes that she too has helped Jews escape and feels proud to know and be friends with Ellen even though she doesn't know if she'll ever see her friend again At the end of the book Annemarie decides to wear Ellen's Star of David necklace as a sign of her friendship until Ellen returns and can wear it herself What is the theme or big idea think of the moral of the story or a lesson learned or the main thing that Anne Marie displays such as loyalty bravery selflessness acceptance courage friendship love or any other word your choose There can be more than one theme I think the theme is dangers of war I thinks so because this story isn't your everyday Dora and Diego story This was a serious matter that everyone would have wanted to not happen People dies and we re tortured for the wrong reason 

The author is trying to emphasize the dangers of war and made us reflect on the bad deed we have done Make a connection In the story the Jewish people are being persecuted What are some other examples of people who have been persecuted or discriminated against How is their story or experience similar to what happened to Ellen In today s modern day Muslims are being discriminated by Donald Trump and the USA They are because there is a terrorist groupie called ISIS that are Muslim Is it their fault they are Muslim Is it the Jews fault some Jews are bad We need to take action towards this We don t want to end up like Germany we don t want to repeat what has happened

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