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Obesity is clearly a growing problem with today’s young children Society is becoming excruciatingly lazy and we need to take control Technology is now a reflection of our culture and it saddens me to think that my generation has contributed largely to this Did you know that one in ten primary school children are considered overweight or obese Obesity is a very serious condition where excess fat increases around the body and by doing so can cause extreme harm or danger to the individual Once you are diagnosed with obesity it s very difficult to get rid of therefore medical practitioners consider it to be a life long illness Since 1980 the UK s childhood obesity has tripled I believe there are a lot of factors responsible for this Children aged 6 to 15 spend on average 6 hours every day sitting in front of a screen Although teenage boys are currently the worst as they spend a staggering 8 hours in front of a screen This is accompanied by the growing popularity in Xboxes play station and of course mobile phones It could be said that these circumstances are one of the main contributions to today s obesity within young children It has become clear that children aren t willing to do something about it 

This is when it becomes the parent s responsibility to do something to stop this Putting time limits on technology or stopping phones at bed time are only 2 ways of many to stop the alarming rate of childhood obesity I find it disturbing that my generation is so sucked into social media that we would rather text or snapchat than chat face to face The fact that it has gotten to the stage we are living behind a screen is a huge factor leading to childhood obesity A pizza hut a pizza hut Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut Words that were the anthem of my youth now my peers have taken these words to heart and now spend their recreational time filling their bodies with saturated fats Unsurprisingly fast food restaurants are a massive contribution to obesity within children The most popular food at McDonalds are the chips however the smallest portion of chips you can buy comes in at a staggering 237 calories and that's just the smallest portion The largest portion contains a massive 444 calories When you consider this is normally a side portion you can see how quickly the calories add up Mc Donald s is known for their famous burgers especially the Big Mac Astonishingly even with the British public being aware that the Big Mac comes to an enormous 508 calories we still insist on making it so popular It's extremely easy to have your daily intake in one trip to Mc Donald s In April 2016 a new law was put through that all fast food restaurant chains must put the number of calories on specific foods if they are over a certain number of calories 

Having said that why are fast food restaurants so popular Is it the convenience of having readymade food at your doorstep Or is it the taste of the food With 1200 Mcdonald's restaurants over 1000 burger kings and 500 KFC s personally I believe the convenience factor comes out stronger The fact that you can find them nearly everywhere towns service stations shopping centres it all contributes to the ease of consuming them Along with the fact that you can sometimes be cheaper getting a fast food meal than a healthy one As obesity has unfortunately reached new levels in the UK a lot of parents are turning to the NHS for help However the weight loss surgeries costing the NHS upwards of 2500 each This is costing the NHS a fortune and for what Children are not being bothered to get off the sofa and lose the weight themselves without relying on the comfort of taxpayers money Last year 20 children reached out to the NHS seeking weight loss surgeries most of which had not reached puberty yet These factors are all contributions as to why childhood obesity is such a problem in society With social media on the rise children are seeing social influences daily and getting misleading conceptions of what the idealistic lifestyle is Having grown up in the presence of technology I can appreciate how easy it is to get caught up the mass media hype the surrounds us This issues come when these lifestyles and advertised food come with major health risks I believe some children have a good enough understanding of what is good and bad for them If they can ensure they are eating in a healthy manner the majority of the time whilst having the odd treat then they won t end up in a situation where they are looking for the NHS to help them Eating a little less and moving a lot more is the first step Such simple steps can be the difference between a serious health risk or not

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