Essay Example on Observe everyone around us we will see a virtually endless pursuit of fun and Pleasure









If we observe everyone around us we will see a virtually endless pursuit of fun and pleasure As we get older we immerse ourselves with commitments and responsibilities But ultimately the world is filled with people like us seeking happiness pleasures and desires The word pleasure has come to mean something bad to us today but we tend to use the word in the wrong way Having desires is not sin it is something one is obligated to face simply by virtue of being human Yet we restrain ourselves from pleasure and desires we should never have to curb simply because we care too much about how people perceive us Though it is not something we can escape In fact it is essential for the well being of a person Rather than to resolve moral conflicts conflicts should be used to generate architecture pushing the negative to the extreme Why do people hold themselves to a certain standard of what people consider the norm What is the essence to the vices and why is it bad How this concept of the each vices be abstracted into architectural spaces Long before the invention of Disneyland Georgian Londoners enjoyed their own type of amusement park the pleasure garden For a modest fee people from all walks of life could escape the noise and squalor of London's streets for a diverting evening of al fresco entertainment socializing romance or even scandal History Channel History of London Pleasure Gardens Pleasure gardens are not ordinary parks they provide attractions from the laid back to the lascivious One would experience beautiful walks with majestic fountain displays different cuisine pavilions orchestras tightrope entertainers and even fireworks 

Distant from the meddling eyes of the mannerly society and social judgements they were ideal places for exotic rendezvous During the 17th and 18th century The Vauxhall and Ranelagh Gardens flourished in London It was a venue that drew all manner of people and supported enormous crowds Initially designed to attract the wealthy the pleasure gardens united the rich and poor where both aristocrats and laymen relish the moments side by side The atmosphere of the place was nothing like they have ever experienced before at those time This public space made the careers of composers inspired novelists and showcased the work of artists The Pleasure Garden questions how the society moulds us to view ourselves as well as how we behave or understand everything around us With inspiration of the Pleasure Gardens the adult playground will be designed with the idea of wonder without the weight and expectation from the society that forms our experience of everyday life With a holistic approach the program will adopt some of the feature of the Pleasure Gardens historical counterparts which will be integrated will the ideas of the seven deadly vices The re interpretation of the pleasure garden will feature an evolved itinerary of common activities done during that time with additional programs that is more relatable to this current era relating to the seven vices When the Berlin wall went down in 1989 people wanted to manifest that freedom in a certain way The people had a special message and it was to encourage everyone to move on from the past and lose themselves The spirit of Berlin s community was captured in those moments as the city s party scene combines politics sexual openness and progressive social values 

Much of this idealism emerge from the past as Berlin was a place that was divided then unified Therefore numerous of its clubs first occupied a no man's land surrounding the area of the broken down wall seeking new meaning and political purpose for these abandoned spaces Currently in Germany over 75 of the population go out at least once a week whereas 10 even live it up three times a week therefore named one of the coolest cities in the world This research consist of several methods and analysis based on the study of the seven deadly sins The first method is to study different Pleasure Gardens that existed in the past and then relating them to one another Learning from history and observing the difference in space planning and details led me to further develop my concept The second part of the analysis is to study paintings related to the seven deadly sins From there the essence of the sins will be abstracted and translated into immaterial values such as colour volume light and shadow This will allow me to analyse the influence of human behaviour moving within a space Next it is crucial to understand the relationship between the individual spaces how they correlate to one another with physical and visual connections Lastly relating to the history of Berlin first clubbing venues a neglected site is chosen for my program as it will not be used for any other purpose As a conclusion materializing the immaterial by going against the norm will invite us to take a step back from the time and confines of society in order to see what is missed all too often Living life through the repeal of restrictions discarding the rules and pressure from the society can free us from unnecessary stress and burdensome critique of human urges and desires Celebrate the elements of life by giving into it fully through all of one's senses

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