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On September 11 2001 the worst attack on US soil happened two commercial planes flew into the World Trade Center At 8 47 a m the first plane hit the 93 99 stories of the North Tower then at 9 03 a m the second plane crashed into 75 85 stories of the WTC s south building Even though most Americans blamed Iraq I m pointing my finger at someone else the US government First off let's see how the towers were built From the Architects and engineers for 9 11 truth They had an inner tube and an outer tube which basically means the tower had a inner core and outer walls so the tubes carried the weight of the building The problem with the old skyscrapers was the grid of columns which took away floor space The trade center would be different all columns would be shifted to the core and the walls For basic structural components are the core the outer walls the hat truss and the floors First the core the core was made to support about 70 of the downward weight The inner core was designed to have 47 steel columns rising 110 floors high It housed the elevators and stairways too Second the outer walls were made to carry their own weight and about 30 of the downward force they formed 59 columns on each side with the 60th in the corner so 240 columns in total 

Third the hat trusses were made to connect the core and the walls and regulates the wind force of the building They redistribute downward force to other columns in case of local structural failure Finally the floors were made of prefabricated floor trusses made of three main trusses bridging trusses and a metal deck A light concrete floor was placed on top of it Knowing this information that jet fuel burns at max 800 to 1 500 degrees it s not hot enough to melt steel beams that melt at 2 750 degrees Some bad advice After the plane hit the first tower many people in the 2nd tower began and try to leave But the people were advised to remain at their desks by local NYPD officers Some still tried to leave but were stopped by guards leaving them locked in over 1 000 people laid to die in that tower Seven hours after the two towers fell the 47 story WTC 7 collapse at 5 20 p m and was only damaged slightly by fire The BBC news reported the building as collapsed live on air 20 minutes before it really collapsed the report even shows building 7 behind the reporter WTC 7 was also the largest CIA headquarters and housed offices that were investigating stock and accounting fraud Building 7 was also the first building to get cleaned up and all the evidence was destroyed According to 9 11 review org the video had clearly shown that it was not collapsed subsequent to a fire but rather a controlled demolition Key members of the 9 11 commision said that the commission was setup to fail Lee Hambleton head of the commission and other members criticized the government for sabotage Max cleland reside after labeling the camenty a scandal 

And said the government wants to cover up the truth The USGAO or the United States Government Accountability Office claims that the average funding for commissions into scandals and other investigations is around 30 to 40 billion dollars Despite this 9 11 the largest terrorist attack on U S soil only received 50 million dollars leading many to believe that the U S government purposely underfunded the 9 11 commission in attempt to hide facts about 9 11 Flight 93 the 9 11 commission reported the third plane flight 93 crashed in a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania County coroner Wally Miller was one of the first on to the site and quoted seeing no plane he said Quote it looked like someone just got a scrap truck dug a 10 foot ditch and dumped trash in it He also said that there were Quote no bodies and to this day not one seen a single drop of blood On July 24th 2001 49 days before the attack Larry Silverstein Wealthy CEO of SilverStein properties made some questionable investments He spent over 40 billion dollars of his personal assets to win a bid on a 19 year lense on the World Trade Center This did not mean he owned it however it made him the primary beneficiary of the insurance money 

That was paid out by the attack after a long legal battle with the insurance firm Silverstein was personally awarded almost 5 billion dollars by the federal court William cooper on june 28th 2001 3 months before the 9 11 attack He made a prediction on a radio broadcast saying an attack on U S soil would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden before he was famous or recognized at all Cooper was later found shot dead in his home 2 months after the 9 11 attack President George W Bush lies While at his speech regarding the attack A small child asked him how he felt about the attack He stated that he saw the first plane hit the towers live on a t v at the school he was visiting Emma E Booker Elementary School in Florida However many question this claim as the only footage of the plane hitting the first tower was yet to be released until the day after the attack The Pentagon probably the most secured and monitored place in North America Despite this no footage of the plane hitting the building was ever released the government only released footage of an explosion seen from a nearby gas station However the footage only show an explosion and no plane

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