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On the off chance that my nation was under govern and we were compelled to pick four rights to keep I would pick the Freedom of Press the Freedom of Speech and Assembly the Protection from illegal search and seizure and the Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment The Freedom of Press would be kept in light of the fact that it is without a doubt a standout amongst the most essential rights in the Constitution The privilege to Freedom of Press lets the citizens express whatever thoughts they wish to exploit through media articles and tv The general population can express what is on their mind through such a significant number of various ways which is extremely beneficial to them particularly since they do not need to stress over getting stuck in an unfortunate situation for it Additionally if we dropped this right we would be losing so much our voices and our opportunity of articulation would be totally demolished 

The country's people would run around with extraordinary alert in the matter of what they say in dread of the government hearing or discovering and penalizing them No country should have to live like that in terrorizing so this privilege is crucial The Freedom of speech and assembly I would keep because it goes along with the Freedom of Press The nation can not have those opportunities to their full degree without this right These rights overall are known as the opportunity of expression so it is fitting that the nation keeps the rights of the first amendment together In the event that we did not have it we would lose our entitlement to stand up anyway we need with full guarantees of having our voice being regarded That would detract from the freedom of press which is fundamentally the same as and citizens would say otherwise Also if not for the right to speak freely and get together the Civil Rights Movement would have never begun which exhibits its significance Moreover I would keep the Protection from illegal search and seizure since it is imperative to have It is extremely important because it gives one the right to deny someone s request to seek them or their property

The right keeps individuals from having their protection unnecessarily violated and that should continue as before to keep the tranquility of the citizens In a world without it we would lose all disconnection and feel disregarded from sought without reasonable justification On the off chance that we do not keep this right then in the future there could be a resistance as a result of the need for this flexibility The last freedom I would keep would be the Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment This would be picked on the grounds that nobody deserves cruel and unusual punishment regardless of the crime they committed This privilege prevents unjust treatment This right prevents unjust treatment like violent torture and the death penalty If the freedom from cruel and unusual punishment was not in place there is almost certainly no minors who committed crimes that would be freed from torment or condemned to death Cruel punishment would not be reasonable to minors as there mind and That would not be reasonable for minors as there mind and basic decision making aptitudes are not completely developed as opposed to adults It would affect future generations in the sense that people would become upset with people with diseases that affect their brain in negative manors which is the reason the right should remain In addition four rights to keep left six that were forgotten I would not keep the Right to bear arms in light of the fact that in spite of the fact that it is a helpful revision it is not necessary

Owning a weapon helps in an emergency and can give entertainment in regards to hunting I wouldn t keep the freedom from double jeopardy on the grounds that occasionally it can be totally out of line You could have a man who killed her own wife but whose case does not have enough evidence to suggest she committed the crime They could drop all the charges on him and months later they could find evidence that proves he killed his wife but she would not be able to be tried again because of that right I would also get rid of the freedom from self incrimination since I emphatically trust that in the event that one is liable of something they ought to come clean and not have the choice of remaining silent The right to counsel would be dropped as well because I don't find it necessary that a defendant in a case has the right to be represented by an attorney I would remove Freedom from quartering troops because it is so obsolete as no soldiers ever force their way to stay in others homes during war anymore Lastly I would drop the right to a speedy and public trial because depending on the crime you committed it should take as long as it possibly can to go over all of the crimes that one may have committed Regardless the first ten amendments are all notably important

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