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One of the most common desserts in Nicaragua is known as Tres Leches Start with a base of flour and eggs Then milk condensed milk and cream are added hence the name of three milks This mixture becomes a cake and is usually covered with meringue Most people in Nicaragua eat Gallo Pinto almost daily Gallo Pinto is considered a national symbol The fried rice is mixed with sweet peppers and onions Then the red beans are boiled with garlic and then everything is mixed and fried Nicaragua is a country in Central America It can be characterized by its agricultural economy Almost all settlements and economic activity in Nicaragua are concentrated in the western half of the country The country s name is derived from nicarao chief of the Indigenous tribe The culture of Nicaragua is varied in different religions Due to different influences that were exerted on different parts of the country Majority of the people show a strong spanish influence 

The western part of the country was colonized by Spain In the eastern half of the country you will find a small group that is distinct from the rest of the country Traditional Nicaraguan clothing includes a simple loose white shirt and long pants for men or without embroidery a straw hat and bandana The women wore embroidered dresses with full skirts and some kind of handkerchief or ornament for their hair Because of the warm weather the sport in nicaragua is very diverse The national sport of nicaragua is baseball The music of Nicaragua is much like the country's culture it has been greatly influenced by its history Modern day music is a mixture of spanish and traditional native Indian instruments and styles Arnoldo Aleman was the 81st President of Nicaragua where he served from 1997 to 2002 He was 51 on his first day of office However in 2003 Aleman was charged for misappropriation of national funds and dishonest political dealings He was then given twenty years in prison In 2009 the charges were lifted and he was released Putting aside the fact that he was being accused for misconduct he was a great leader for Nicaragua and brought many improvements to the nation From 1979 to 1990 Daniel Ortega was first a Coordinator of the Junta of National Reconstruction then he became President Ortega has been President of Nicaragua since 2007 which is almost 11 years Daniel Ortega is his name for short His real name is José Daniel Ortega Saavedra Edwin Meza is twenty three years old and is a youtuber with over 25 000 subscribers He posts vlogs containing daring stunts challenges and pranks He is also apart of a vlogging group called JOOGSQUAD Luis Enrique Martínez García also known as Luis Enrique is a professional footballer He played midfield and his number is 21 

At forty seven years old he has coached four teams including A S Roma FC Barcelona B Celta de Vigo and FC Barcelona His latest team was FC Barcelona where he coached from 2014 until 2017 but he announced that he would not be coaching for them again this year In Nicaragua the school year goes through February through November and elementary education is free and compulsory A secondary school education is a luxury of which many poorer Nicaraguans can only dream because the country is harshly divided along language and ethnic lines and the wealthy minority rule Vocational training as it exists in a country that is still battling with poverty and illiteracy is largely in the hands of private colleges in larger centers A famous spot to visit in Nicaragua is the Coyotepe Fort It is found in Masaya Nicaragua The name Coyotepe means coyote caves in the natives language It was used as a fort to protect the city of Masaya but in 1944 it began to be used as a prison It was known as the prison of torture Archipiélago Zapatera also known as Lake Nicaragua is famous for its pre Columbian stone carvings

This lake is dated back to 500 b c by scientists Many statues give away that this place used to be a very religious site El Castillo is a site created by the ruins of the Spanish fort can show how important the San Jose River was It was built to defend from pirates so it is armed with 32 cannons and over 11 000 weapons Bottles of rum and old cannon balls can be found at this site still Roman Catholic Over 90 of nicaragua population are members of christian around 73 of Nicaragua is roman catholic about 15 go to churches 0 1 go to the episcopal church and another 2 go the various religion groups Nicaragua is located south of Honduras and north of Costa Rica nicaragua is the largest country by area in Central America and its largest city is Managua One quarter of the country s population lives in the city Nicaragua is known for its high levels of biodiversity and unique ecosystems Nicaragua s most important imports consist of oil and derivatives consumer and intermediate goods Their main importers are the United States and Central America Sometimes they get imports from places such as Mexico and Venezuela Their lowest import was back in August of 1993 which was 50 Million USD Their highest import was November of 2015 and it was 738 60 Million USD Nicaraguan exports include coffee beef shrimp lobster tobacco sugar gold and peanuts Export from Nicaragua has improved since the establishment of the Central America Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement

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