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I have come to realize that online classes are more convenient because taking Psy 211 online allows me to take additional classes that would not have fit into my schedule Although I have always loved a face to face course but online classes allow me to remain at home with my family Taking online classes has many advantages for me such as saving money time and most of all the convenience There are a few reasons to why I believe strongly that an online course is less challenging than a face to face course First as a full time employee with a second job too I have limited opportunities to attend classes scheduled during normal school hours Second online classes allow me to work on my own and take care of things when it is convenient for me to do so Last but not the least this online course makes me to concentrate and learn more on my own that helps me to cover the material needed in school while maintaining my workload In my experience with online classes the good far supersedes the bad I am going to save a lot by taking online class If I were taking this course in class I would be spending more money on gas alone not to mention the unforeseen circumstances that might occur on the process Because online course is not like when we meet face to face class I don t have to leave my job to meet on campus which is more better for me My full time job makes it hard for me to successfully juggle my job responsibilities along with homework and study But taking this online course makes it easier to deal with the time constraints that my job will put on me

This online course has thought me how better it is to become successful distance learner self disciplined and to able to work well on my own Since I won t be physically going to class each week on this I can take part in class from my computer at home And I must be self disciplined because the instructor won t regularly be there to remind me of assignments or of project deadlines Other obligations may mean that I am not able to do the work as regularly as if I were physically attending class Based on this fact it will be up to me to ensure that I keep up with all the work for the course Also one of the main objectives in college is to become a well rounded individual with the skills needed to successfully manage my time very well Furthermore I believe I am going to learn just as much online as I would have learned in face to face course It is clear that I do not interact with my instructor and the classmates like normal face to face class but online classes have the discussion board where my online course mates and I can easily communicate and share ideas about our papers online Communicating with my online classmates and my instructor confirmed me an active participant during the course Although I have not taken an online class before but based on people s review about an online class I will not find it difficult to communicate with my instructor to ask for help or clarification of an assignment 

The online courses offer a discussion board to send posts to fellow students which enable one get a chance to read and critique each other s work and respond to the comments of the classmates I have learned that by discussing each other s ideas we are in turn challenging each other to examine our own thoughts and feelings This makes class work more interesting as we get a chance to share personal experiences in the discussion while improving our writing skill Actually I am gaining much more than I am losing For example when I want to do my online class at home I would like to call my children to sit beside me and do their own classwork too They always complain that they hardly see me at home I like to use any opportunity I see to bond with my family I feel very fulfilled being a student because it keeps my memory intact and active It also helps me to know new things each day I make sure I do classwork on time because I hate rush hour that can put one in tension Personally I would recommend online courses to anyone that has a busy schedule like a full time job or having family responsibilities Likewise you can learn well by doing the required work individually without depending exclusively on connection with different students as methods for learning Online courses are of good choices for students who got admission into college and still have full time jobs Online courses are advantageous as well as they show you how to wind up plainly a more independent student

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