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Introduction Organised crime is defined as serious criminal activities that are planned and controlled by people working together and carried out on a large scale An Organised Crime Gang OCG is generally a group of three or more people working together in a planned and coordinated way to commit serious crime over a period of time Their motivation is typically financial gain OCG structures are varied They often consist of a small group of people who will be in control of and direct all activities Below them will be a network of associates who will conduct the day to day criminal activities These people are easily replaced if compromised OCG s change as they are complex and fluid A group of people may come together for a specific purpose and then move in their own direction once that job is complete

They will continually assess and exploit new victims and seek out new criminal opportunities As the police and other law enforcement agencies have successes in countering the OCGs they will learn and re evaluate in order to evade capture in their future criminal endeavours OCGs are often as varied in their activities as the communities or people they supply to and this can dictate the subsequent activity they engage in Most often an OCG will reflect the society they come from and the criminal activities they conduct are dictated by supply and demand Often there is a tolerance within these societies for the crime conducted in order to supply the goods Examples of this would be counterfeit goods and illegal drugs The tolerances which dictate supply and demand will shape the outlook of an OCG who are quick to adapt in order to maximise their financial gain Organised Crime and Northern Ireland OCG s are as prolific in Northern Ireland as they are in any other part of the UK In Northern Ireland there are many varied strands of OCG including local criminals paramilitaries and foreign nationals Some criminal groups such as terrorist paramilitaries are politically motivated as well as financially These paramilitaries force people to do business with them An example would be when a gang extorts money from a business for so called protection money

For the dissident gangs the money gained from their criminal activities then goes back into funding terrorism giving them the means to buys arms and recruit Being a member of the European Union has given foreign OCG s the opportunity to establish themselves within Northern Ireland European integration and the Schengen Agreement s relaxation of border controls changed the whole picture Organised crime has been quicker to respond to the changes of the past 15 years than the politicians and law enforcement agencies Dr Felia Allum Oct 2000 Having a land border with the Republic of Ireland also presents challenges as the criminals often run cross border operations in the hope this will make it more difficult to investigate The land border can also make it difficult to successfully deport foreign criminals after conviction There have been several instances when a criminal has been deported only to be found back in the UK within weeks as they entered through the Republic

The use of intelligence in investigating and countering organised crime is invaluable Most investigations around organised crime and the OCG s involved are instigated by intelligence C3 Intelligence Department is a vast collection of teams and units who work in collaboration with the same aim to prevent crime and bring offenders to justice C3 Organised Crime Intelligence Cell OCIC is the central point of contact between C3 and C1 Organised Crime Branch The role of an OCIC case officer is to provide a dedicated point of contact to C1 officers while servicing all intelligence requirements for C1 operations OCIC case officers continually review and evaluate intelligence looking for proactive investigative opportunities for prospective operations They will develop intelligence using many different research tools 

Tasking Source Handling Units SHU s and conducting enquiries of their own such as financial enquiries and inquiries with external agencies like the Housing Executive or the Social Security Agency SSA are some of the options available Once an intelligence picture develops to a certain standard the case officer will approach C1 for commissioning When an operation is live the OCIC case officer will manage all intelligence on behalf of C1 They will participate fully in the operation working closely with the C1 SIO and his her team keeping abreast of all developments and always looking for new intelligence opportunities The OCIC case officer will be the intelligence liaison for C1 operations between C3 C4 and other agencies like Her Majesty s Revenue and Customs HMRC UK Border Agency UKBA and An Garda Siochana AGS As the investigation develops the OCIC case officer will facilitate meetings between the appropriate departments and units to arrange technical interventions and will also write and manage the written Regulations of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 RIPA authorities On conclusion of an operation the OCIC case officer will review and close all actioned intelligence further disseminate intelligence that may be of value to other offices or departments and ensure all authorities are cancelled

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