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Organizational Management Week 4 Assignment Public University  Organizations are interpreted by a theory which explains how things happen There are several perspectives that can explain the complexity of organizations People that are open minded can see an organization through many perspectives which gives them multiple ways to deal with problems and guide the organization As the world changes and becomes more diverse it is important to get an understanding on the complexity of the world and ways to deal with it There have been approaches developed and adopted to assess and investigate corporate culture The use of metaphors is a common approach to organizational culture and it provides the importance on an individual area of an idea Metaphors are a process people use to explain and understand how an incident takes place as it relates to a different incident Gareth Morgan analyzed the following eight metaphors of an organization Morgan 1986 1 Organization as a Machine the organization is based on quality efficiency and the timeliness of processes which are made up of intertwining parts Those intertwining parts are products real machines people or groups that have jobs to do to in order to make an organization function 

2 Organization as Instrument of Domination there is power plays and use mechanisms between the various people within the organization 3 Organization as Psychic Prison these are processes that are both conscious and unconscious it addresses 4 Organization as System of Change and Flux adapt and change as needed 5 Organization as Political System are predominantly interested in power issues 6 Organization as Brain are information processors that are willing to learn 7 Organization as Culture is based on the beliefs values and rituals 8 Organization as Organism an emphasis on adapting and growing with the changes taking place Business Problems and Metaphors Used The most commonly used metaphor is that an organization is like a machine everything is done to increase output returns which ultimately increases resources but the key is to be efficient when getting these results The organization quite like a machine likes to be well lubricated so things run smoothly There are studies frequently done to measure the output including the cogs in the wheel which are those people who are a small portion of the company but play a necessary role Morgan 1986 Even though labor is consistently being allocated to the machine and there are new people brought on to help fill gaps Gareth Morgan explained that modern management s most fundamental problems are that mechanical ways of thinking is embedded in the day to day concepts of organizations which makes organizing in other ways more difficult Critical Issues

In The Cases Organism an organization s developmental and structural characteristics connects to the workplace environments which indicates the patterns for the intra organizational relationships Brains learning through the processing of information different mindsets knowledge etc Machine a machine is comprised of interlocking parts that affects the timeliness and efficiency of production Cultures there are beliefs traditions values ideas and shared visions that are passed through families and generations Flux and Change the changes that are subtle in an organization are enthusiastically adopted within the environment Political systems the different levels within the organization has hidden agendas power behind the scene deals leaders and conflict management Proposed Solution Evaluation Organizational Management can use metaphors to resolve the following issues 

To display that the conservative thoughts on corporate management is a mere isolated image To take some of the thoughts on management and an organization and investigate those ideas with metaphors and To show the capability of metaphors when evaluating problems therefore improving administration and structure within an organization It has been proven that the use of metaphors is an important skill and is often used to make decisions in life Metaphors help to bring an understanding as well as highlight some features of an organization but there are some areas that can be restricted due to disregarding other areas Recommendations The use of instruments of denomination metaphors within an organization can indicate wisdom which is displayed through character good leadership being a representative of the organizational values and protection of power The use of metaphors and associated concepts involved in management styles can intensely show the type of leadership being used to manage the organization Stated Solutions

The ways the solutions of each case will be established is through doing an exercise with each area of the organization such as divisions or teams then create a list with as numerous characteristics of a brain for example Conclusion Takeaway Metaphors play a role in the effective enhancement of organizational management Metaphors can be used to solve those problems created due to ineffective management styles This can be done through a better collaboration of ideas with key persons in an organization There are some advantages of using metaphors in management Metaphors are another method of addressing difficult issues in a less demanding way and it gives a better understanding of the situation It places order and transparency on those issues in an organization that are ambiguous References

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